'The Next Best Thing Contest'

January 19, 2006
For this new contest, we are not going to talk about music but concentrate on Madonna's other passion: acting. Throughout her career, Madonna has been chosen by many directors to be part of big screen projects, including comedies, dramas and musicals. Who doesn't remember the funny Nikki Finn, the sexy Breathless Mahoney or the brillant and amazing Eva Peron? Just 3 years after winning a Golden Globe award for her part in Evita, Madonna met the late and succesful director John Schlesinger. Madonna fell in love with Schlesinger's forthcoming project and joined the cast of 'The Next Best Thing', which also included Benjamin Bratt and Michael Vartan. In the movie, Madonna makes the best mistakes with her friend Robert Whittaker(Ruppert Everett). But what's the FULL name of Madonna's character?

If you know the answer, e-mail it with your full info (including your full member name, mailing address, member username and e- mail address) to icon@moov-u-mail.com before 11:59:59 a.m. PST on 1/20/06. Don't forget to use 'The Next Best Thing Contest' as your e-mail's subject line. 5 lucky Iconers will win a copy of'The Next Best Thing' promotional poster signed by Madonna!

Click here or visit the contest page for more contest info and official contest rules.

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