Madonna Music Wireless Updates!

February 12, 2001
Now you can get the latest Madonna headlines, news, appearances and more delivered right to your mobile phone or pager!

Madonna Music Wireless uses a free, wireless service which keeps you in touch with Madonna - whenever and wherever.

With Madonna Music Wireless, your mobile phone is more than a phone and your pager is more than a pager. You can use them to get the latest alerts direct from Madonna! MadonnaMusic Wireless sends you up-to-the-second information on the events, places, and more - all on your mobile phone or pager.

Madonna Music Wireless in it's simplest is a news feed... you will receive short text or audio messages wherever you are... no need to sync a mobile device, no need to log onto the internet.

Sounds pretty good! Well sign-up NOW! Head over to where you will register in three easy steps! Once registered, search for the MadonnaMusic Group and JOIN! Before you know it Madonna headlines will be coming straight to you!

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