Back stage at the Grammy's!

February 13, 2006
It has been a whirlwind of a week with Madonna performing at the Grammy's. I hope you all enjoyed the performance. Backstage at the Grammy's, Madonna's assistants and stylist spelled her name out in roses on the floor to help her feel less nervous about the upcoming performance. Even so, at the last minute some crystals fell off of her Miu Miu shoes and the stylist was on the floor gluing them back on! Luckily, the girls pulled it off just in time for Madonna to join the Gorillaz on stage for this epic performance. After the show, there was a party in Madonna honor where her and her friends danced all night and celebrated their success. I wish I had some pics, but there were NO cameras allowed into the party. I did manage to snap a rehearsal shot! I hope you enjoy!MADemoiselle (undercover)

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