Behind the Scenes at the H&M Photoshoot - MADemoiselle

August 10, 2006
News of Madonna's groundbreaking partnership with H&M Clothing stores is everywhere now! It was just a few short weeks ago that it was still a secret, while Madonna & her crew were in LA posing for the photoshoot that will soon be all over the world. Even though everyone was there to work, no one could stop Madonna and the crew from having a great time hanging out together! The DJ was setting the mood with awesome music. The dancers were all looking through the cool clothes and trying on funky outfits before the shoot. Special ICON photograper and brilliant Confessions Tour dancer Sofia Boutella was snapping pics of all the fun! Check out these exclusive pictures of Madonna & crew hanging out at the photoshoot for H&M!

-MADemoiselle (undercover)

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