Happy New Year 2010!

January 04, 2010
Madonna and the whole Madonna.com team wish you a Happy New Year and all the best for 2010!

May it be filled with love, precious moments and tons of Madonna exciting experiences!

Ready for 12 brand new months? Here we go!!!
January 16, 2010 posted by Codie
Happy New Year, Madonna and family!
I hope you decide to make lots of love and music and tour again in the near future, I am so glad you came to Texas this last tour again we missed you so much for so long. Yes I have driven across country to see you many times since you didn't make a stop in Texas for a few of your tours in the past so please dont become too much of a stranger.The next time maybe you can be here near Dallas, Tx I didn't mind the traveling to get to your concerts,but I would love to be able to afford a ticket extra close to the stage for a closer view,due to the travel expenses I had to settle for a cheaper seat than what I would've liked..lots xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo's we all miss you in TEXAS !!muah!! I had an awesome camera though and I took some great pictures . I am gonna use them for your contest.. oh I wanted to see if you might be going to do another Sat nite live show soon you are so great on the short comedy spoofs I Love it I hope to see you there soon.
January 13, 2010 posted by wdwqueen80
Happy New Year!
Can't wait to see you again in concert in the future. Looking forward to more hits from you!
January 13, 2010 posted by CALLUSSE
new year 2010
happy new year :D new goals and ideas?? can wait for it :D always with you.. love you
January 13, 2010 posted by gaylover
Happy New Year 2010
Que cette année te soit rayonnante,... Beaucoup de bonheur...
January 12, 2010 posted by steliosc
Happy New Year Madonna!
Happy New Year Queen! My very best wishes to everybody for a happy new 2010! Love and Kisses from Greece.
January 11, 2010 posted by birdie
can not wait for your next concert! how about coming to cleveland, home of the rock and roll hall of fame!wishing you health and happiness in the new year
January 10, 2010 posted by phxadguy
High Hopes!
Here's to high hopes for all of my family and friends...I love you all! Here's to peace in this crazy a** world:) Mike
January 10, 2010 posted by martapie
Happy new year from Poland
and to all the Iconers
January 10, 2010 posted by reti_maria
Thank you for wonderful 2009, Madonna!
Last year was the best Madonna year for me yet because I saw her live for the first time and I'm still overwhelmed by this amazing experience! All the best for you dear M this year and lots of love from Estonia!
January 09, 2010 posted by tamasias
January 08, 2010 posted by MikeyMTVTeen
January 08, 2010 posted by madonnafanclube
Feliz Ano Novo
Muito sucesso em 2010 tanto a arte musical de Madonna quanto seus projetos. Admiro popstar com tamanho talento e visão humanística. Felicidades
January 08, 2010 posted by helenka13
Happy New Year, all the best for 2010 !!! It is Celebration !!!
January 08, 2010 posted by ultrabri
HAPPY NEW YEAR but more than that NEW DECADE! with every new decade something huge MADONNA comes our way and with that something huge comes Madonnas way its a give and take relationship she gives we take we give she takes etc. its a full circle thing and well Im giving LOVE! Make this a year to remember ICONERS. Take a visit to Malawi and give some money and free time I am. Many Blessings Brian
January 07, 2010 posted by dariomad
Great 2010 from Uruguay!!!!
My QUEEN!!! Happy 2010... I wish an espectacular year with you and your music!!!! A big hug for you!!!
January 07, 2010 posted by sabrina1
Happy New Year
I am looking forward to a wonderful year and excited to see what Madonna has up her sleeves. There's never a dull moment following the Queen of Pop!!!!
January 07, 2010 posted by yari
Happy New Year!<3
2009 Paris Bercy rocked, this year...? Let it bloom again:-)>
January 06, 2010 posted by fahlipmc
HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Here's to another FANtastic filled Madonna year!
January 06, 2010 posted by herb82
Happy New Year Madonna
Thank you for yet another exciting year Madonna and the Icon Team. Best wishes to Madonna and her family for great 2010. Keep the music coming M and hopefully they play more of it in the US Love Ya Herb
January 06, 2010 posted by 94jump
Happy New Year Madonna!!!
Wish you a year full of happines, Madonna!!!! Thank you for 2009, it was an amazing year!! Thank you for your concert in Milan!!! I love you every day more!
January 06, 2010 posted by masami316
happy new year!madonna,icon team.
thanks last year,2009. i hope and hapanese peaple , waiting for madonna soon. have a great 2010.
January 06, 2010 posted by casmar710
Happy 2010!
Thank you, dear Madonna, for the beautiful moments that you give to us. The Sticky & sweet Tour has been incredible! Happy new year to you, to your family and to the Icon staff.
January 05, 2010 posted by Madonnaismymentor
Happy, Healthy, Productive New Year
Healthy, Happy, Productive, Blessedf New Year Madonna! Love you forever.. Peace & Love JP
January 05, 2010 posted by Madonnaismymentor
Happy, Healthy, Productive New Year
Healthy, Happy, Productive, Blessedf New Year Madonna! Love you forever.. Peace & Love JP
January 05, 2010 posted by LaIslaMaria
happy new year
happy new year everybody !
January 05, 2010 posted by Vogue1
Thanks for the wish!!!
Mat all the staff and the Iconers here have a great year! I know It will be great Madonna's making music and much more!! The Last Icon period rules the day. Love Kristin. <3
January 05, 2010 posted by williecheyennepelissier
New Decade New Madonna
I am excited to see what the 10's Madonna will be.
January 05, 2010 posted by Rifraf64
Thanks Madonna and Madonna.com
Happy New Year to you too! Thanks for the entertainment you brought into our lives in 2009. I look forward to more exciting announcements, events, leaks and happenings in 2010. Peace and love, Jimmy
January 05, 2010 posted by michelsuccess
I wish Madonna simply the best!!!
For Madonna, the best videos, the best songs, the best tours, the best movies, the best awards... keep ruling the world sweet and sticky material girl!!!
January 05, 2010 posted by iconermadonna
***HAPPY 2010 MADONNA***
Break the rules, forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly and laugh uncontrollaby.....hope that 2010 brings you, the team and all Iconers good health and happiness!! Love Jenny, UK
January 05, 2010 posted by benet
Happy New Year!!
Thanks. Happy New Year right back at you all in the Madonna team and ofcourse to Madonna and her family. Wish you all a great 2010. So looking forward to 2010 together with you. Look forward to see what Madonna will bring us this year and thank her allot for 2009. Especially Sticky & Sweet in Ullevi. Loved the show and sang and danced all evening infront of the stage ;)
January 05, 2010 posted by michal81
H N Y too.
Thank you. Happy new year too. Thank you for concert in Prague 13.8.2009. Michal
January 05, 2010 posted by asimina
Happy New Year Madonna and Icon!!
Thank you so much for everything you've done during 2009!! It has been an amazing year and I wish 2010 will be even better!!
January 05, 2010 posted by alexstone
Happy New Year to the Icon team as well!! and off course to Madonna herself ;) ;)
January 05, 2010 posted by gabi
New Exciting stuff.
Thanks for the wishes ;) Just give us all Madonna stuff as promised... more DVDs, books, albums...etc!! Madonna, you ARE the queen- I love ya!
January 04, 2010 posted by vicenteguerrero
Happy New Year, Madonna!
Thank you so much for that last 2009! Why? Because I catch you on two European cities and your team give a chance on video shoot in Barcelona! Have a great 2010 and we, Mexican people, waiting for you soon, muchacha!
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