Madonna Nominated For 2 International Dance Music Awards

February 02, 2010
The 25th Annual International Dance Music Awards will take place on March 25th, as part of the Winter Music Conference.

This year, Madonna is nominated in 2 different categories: Best Pop Dance Track (‘Celebration’) and Best Solo Artist.

Votes are now open, so make sure to visit the devoted page before February 26th! Please note that you can only vote once. Multiple submissions will be disqualified.

Good luck Madonna!
March 07, 2010 posted by theliuba
The Neverendig Star!!!
Good luck Madonna, you deserve it!
February 24, 2010 posted by alex_kovnat
Congrats M. on those dance awards nomina
I am tremendously pleased that Madonna has what it takes to be nominated for those dance music awards.

Long may Madonna wear her high heels and corsets and girdles and makeup and stage costumes with pride!
February 22, 2010 posted by colorines
good luck!!!
I hope she win, It will be her first award of the year...go Madonna!!!
February 16, 2010 posted by
It is Another Nominated?
who else could be in the therna?
February 15, 2010 posted by luizitop
Good luck!!!!! You that you were gaining(earning) are the best!! Uuu through that the queen lives!!! I adore you girl uhhh!!!!!
February 15, 2010 posted by ArilRoySpain123
Yeeah! ^^
Good luck Madonna! You're the best!! :)
February 11, 2010 posted by ivynha
madonna and shou
madonna you a star that enchants people around the world, you're beautiful carnavall in Brazil
February 10, 2010 posted by jodi_ann
It's because you are so Faboo!
February 10, 2010 posted by lumb1
dave lumb
good luck madonna hope you win after your long career a well deserved accolade keep dancing!
February 09, 2010 posted by suzy
You're the BEST MADDY!!!!!!!!!!
February 08, 2010 posted by Us
go madonna!!!
good good luck!!!!
February 06, 2010 posted by lumb1
dave lumb
look having known Madonna for so long i genuinely hope that she get's the award. i will be upset if this isn't a comment from tomorrow anyway good luck Madonna from me despite it all take care and love & peace to Madonna
February 05, 2010 posted by pascale78
A contest?
You don't need a contest! You are above all that. You are the Queen, our Queen. Love YOU Madonna pascale
February 03, 2010 posted by KOPEREK
koperek for madonna
good luck baby x love you x already vote for you big kiss x x x
February 03, 2010 posted by IlyaKomkov
I wish to You ONLY WIN!
Good luck to You, on this contest, it will be hard, but You will be the winner! I know it!
February 03, 2010 posted by NUKARI
Finland girl
It´s time to rock.I ´m are your fan 25 year.Good luck for you MADONNA!!!
February 02, 2010 posted by atenea
it's cool you are the best, you are my idol and when i listen to your music i feel that i wanna sing with you i l♥ve you s♥ much!!!!
February 02, 2010 posted by mr_rok
Good Luck Our Queen !
Tu sei la Forza, You are The Strenght, Tu sei il Capo, You are The Boss. You don't need about "good luck".. You deserve just one thing : RESPECT for the whole work you've done. Best Kisses from Turin !
February 02, 2010 posted by LaIslaMaria
dance music awards
good luck MADONNA !
February 02, 2010 posted by ultrabri
Good luck MADONNA! Either way you roll the dice ur rawkin it! Love Brian
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