Ray of Light's 20th Anniversary

March 03, 2018

Happy 20th Anniversary to Madonna’s Ray of Light album, which was released worldwide on March 3rd, 1998!

Which song from the album is your favorite and why? Tell us in the comments for a chance to win a signed copy and get ready for more Ray of Light goodies to be unveiled throughout the month! http://spoti.fi/1SEt107 #RayofLight20

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16 August, 2018
Favorite Ray of Light Song
My favorite is The Power of Goodbye!
06 August, 2018
I am from Russia, 20 years ago I have heard songs from this album, I can not name my favorite, I will stop at «Nothing Really Matters»
01 August, 2018
Wow- time flies, does the heart really e
My fave track is The Power of Goodbye. I saw my father die of lung cancer in 1990 and oddly I have had a difficult time with relationships ever since, which include a failed marriage and a couple longterm loves. My step dad died in 2016 of lung cancer as well. I have dealt as best I could with abandonment issues. I was able to say goodbye to all but my step dad. Yet I am at peace. I have learned to be happy on my own learning these are all lessons I too had to learn, just as the song illustrates. Nothing left to lose. Oddly, maybe not, I have dealt with my own heart battles being diagnosed with a rare disease and have had 5 heart attacks. Life goes on. I cherish every morning that I am here, living day by day. God bless you for bringing such music and love into the world. You are one of a kind.
25 July, 2018
Has to be Frozen, this was the year i left home to study for my Hons Degree in Fine Art at Duncan of Jordanstone in Dundee. I was blown away with the collaborations of sounds and then completely amazed be the video which at the time i remember a rumour about some graphics being created by the art school i was going to. It was a big year for me, going to uni and I came out, and of course i embraced my fully committed Madonna Fan status. All the memories have the Ray of Light Album as their backing track in my mind. Thanks for the memories. Alan x
17 July, 2018
My favorite track
Frozen is my favorite track from the Ray of light record. At this point in time , Madonna had started studying the Kabbalah and had also just given birth to Lola. I think she felt a kind of healing had happened . Helping her to free herself from a lot of past trauma. Frozen is the recipe on how to do just that. How heal yourself and get a sense of happiness from life. Madonna is simply sharing what worked for her thru her medium as an artist. Music. Thanks for your consideration PS she looked amazing in the video as the mystical goddess of the desert!!
26 June, 2018
Frozen is my favorite because it encompassed everything I needed to say to a man who crushed my heart and soul in a relationship I thought we shared together. It devastated me that he destroyed a beautiful thing we had within a blink of an eye. Without a tear in his eye. In a heartbeat it was done and he left me alone to deal with it all. It was a death to me and he felt nothing. How could I have read it so wrong. Thank you Madonna. That song said it all from me to him.
22 June, 2018
Nothng really matters...
For ,me its this bloody fantastic gem....and even after all this time is STILL IS...Orbits' electro tones are stunning...the songs itself is sung beautifully...you can listen to it in a upbeat mode...or chilled out vibe too....presented superbly in a breathtaking video to top it all off......so basically Madonna...orbit...leonard...De Vries....YOU GOT THE LOVE !!!!!!! - Kamran (UK)
19 June, 2018
Sky feats heaven
because is a new borne new way to make betters things,is powerful,addicted,glamorous,iconic
11 June, 2018
Power of godbay
Sublime chanson d'amour ... Je trouve cette album le meilleur de tout les temps , ont retrouve la perfection , cette album est à l'image de notre créateur dieu Jesus
10 June, 2018
Ray of Light
Ray of Light is not just my favourite track on this album, it's my favourite track, period. Beginning by strumming on the soul and awakening the listener's inner chakras like a new dawn after a thousand year sleep, Ray of Light progresses to fuelling the body as it pumps energy through every vein with the speed-of-light beat which pummels through the melody like a runaway train. The gentle crisp vocals begin with "Zephyr in the sky I wonder.." and the trance begins. After the music prepares you for the experience, Madonna's perfect vocals take you to a higher plane and the song consumes your body. By the time the song almost hits the one minute mark, it elevates everything to a new level of ecstasy as the tempo changes and Madonna reminds of what we're here for - to FEEL! Her voice launches into "And I feel" and as if it were a command, our bodies obey, hearts beating at break-neck speed, bodies pulsating, head taken to a different universe as the electronic magic releases the same endorphins that escape when in a club, when in love, when giving birth and when faced with renewed life. Madonna takes us deeper into the cosmos and when she says "Got herself a universe" we soar to new galaxies, quicker than a ray of light and as the crescendo builds and every enlightened note of "And I feeeeeel" just takes you higher, consumes you and brings you into the light so no matter how bad a day you've had, how low you're feeling or even if you feel like there's no hope left, she restores your faith in hope, in the belief of a new dawn, of something better and takes us on a trip to a brighter, electric place simply through her voice and the music. I have devoured this song at times of depression and it has lifted me to a higher plane. Ray of Light is a perfect song, timeless because it is beyond any restrictions, just like emotions. And in that, Madonna does what she always does and does best: reminds us to be free and celebrates that freedom to be ourselves. I love this song and I am grateful for the impact it has on me every time I listen to it. THANK YOU
05 June, 2018
Skin is my favourite Ray Of Light track, I adore it when I'm driving the car on the open road and I can just open her up and this song helps me go faster
02 June, 2018
Memories captured
I was 23 when this came out and bought it on sight at the then virgin Mega Store in Vancouver. To this day when I see the cover I start humming Substitute for Love .... I cant put together what it is but it always comes to mind .... " I traded fame for love Without a second thought It all became a silly a game Some things cannot be bought I got exactly what I asked for Wanted it so badly Running, rushing back for more I suffered fools so gladly And now I find I've changed my mind"
31 May, 2018
Power of Goodbye
I was 18 when I first heard this song and I was paralyzed because one thing I still had to learn it is to say goodbye to people and stuff that were stopping me from being who I am. This song reached my soul in such a speed and with such a light, that at first it made me cry. „Freedom comes when you learn to let go Creation comes when you learn to say no“ A punch in the stomach for someone like me that always used to say yes, even if that meant to hurt me. I am greatful, for now I created and recreated myself, still do a lot of ahit, but hey, that’s my shit now. That’s my world, that’s my goodbye.
28 May, 2018
Favorite song
My favorite song is: Drowned World/Substitute for Love. I think i shows a new beginning for Madonna as a performer and the private person who just become a mom. Just love that song and 20 years later it's still one of my all time favortsongs by M.
19 May, 2018
Why do I like Frozen the most? Easy, because this song makes you travel to a magical, mystic and full of fantasy world, to me it is a powerful ballad with relaxing and yet modern rhythms, when I listen to it I feel like I am in a completely abandoned place, but without feeling any sadness or regret at all but pleasure and satisfaction instead in an endless search of my own being , who I feel the song is describing. Love Madonna!
18 May, 2018
Definitely Frozen
That was 1998..Frozen just came out and it changed everything...I was at a friend's party...We simply pushed "Repeat" button to listen to "frozen" over and over while I was dancing with a girl....never forget that :)
10 May, 2018
el poder del adios
me despedi con esta cancion del gran amor de mi vida, ya que despues de muchisimos años nos reencontramos ya a esta edad y recordamos tantos momentos que vivimos juntos y que por muchas circunstancias no pudimos seguir y nos vimos en persona para despedirse de mi , ya que desafortunadamente estaba muy grave y fallecio y quedamos que jamas en esta vida me olvidaria de ella . lo siento me hizo llorar de nuevo hace un años ya de su partida
10 May, 2018
Just a great song
07 May, 2018
I remember Frozen
I remember as a High School student who was already creating and releasing independent music, I was enjoying the Frozen maxi-single in a Calistoga springs bath. While my body was warm ... the concept of the track was about frozen hearts, the artistic dichotomy resounded to the inner self and at times this track reminds one to unfreeze the dislikes and negative forces which can at times, become frozen within each of us. I'd like to thank Madonna for creating thoughtful works of musical art.
07 May, 2018
I would have to say Power Of Goodbye for so many reasons. Firstly, I was 20 when the Drowned World Tour was announced and at this point in my life I was riddled with homeless-ness and abandonment due to coming out as gay, I took grasp of my life at 18 and got my first apartment as an adult and was able to maintain a job. Ray of Light in it's entirety really helped me get through this rough patch in my life. When the Drowned World tour dates were released through my Icon Membership I FREAKED! I was too young to go to The Girlie show which to me, at 13, was INSANELY GENIUS! I saved an insane amount of money and jetted off to Los Angeles, alone, My FIRST trip on a plane to a City that I have never been on Sept 7th, I stayed in a Hotel near Downtown Los Angeles for 5 days. I cannot even describe the feelings I felt during the entire show, Let's just say that the couple next to me in the 12th row had to console me the ENTIRE SHOW. My flight was to depart on the 11th of Sept on 2001. 9/11 at 11 am. I was called by the Hotel and stated that my flight was cancelled due to 9/11 and that all flights cancelled could be taken by first cross to a shelter. I ended up in Inglewood at the Red Cross shelter until I was able to Depart on the 14th of September. The entire trip would have every emotion imagined. Love, Sadness, Confusion, Disgust a bit of hate and an entire lifetime if memories. Power of Goodbye has really been my favorite off of the album as I was saying goodbye to my very horrible past and saying Hello to a very bright future. Ray of Light forever. Power of Goodbye to all the sadness to all.
06 May, 2018
Little Star
Happy 20th Anniversary to the Ray of Light Album! A beautiful song that brought truth and clarity to my broken heart was Little Star. Once the tranquil-forgiving vibe is tuned with the beat of your heart you begin to hear Madonna singing in your ear, a gift has been given to us all. Her gift to me was opening my heart to accept myself as I am and the Little Star is my neice and all her inner beauty that she will soon grow into. I was born not to be fruitful and multiply and this song always brings tears to my eyes.
03 May, 2018
The power of the power
The power of goodbye - It's the kind of song you can listen to 100 times in a row and never get tired. 20 years old and still incredibly present, if it was released today, it would still reach nr 1 in no time. It's about acceptance, admitting failure, turning pages and going on. All beautifully expressed in an unbelievable and delicate melody that gently creeps into one's mind and never leaves.
01 May, 2018
Ray Of Light #20th #Anniversary!!!!!!!!
28 April, 2018
Ray of light
Simple..it is the light can allow us to grow and follow our dreams.
24 April, 2018
A first love, remained under your "SKIN"
When the album came out, was a magic moment! I was in Paris, and the day when it came out, I went to a virgin mega store, there were photos and posters everywhere, people waiting in line for the headphones to listen the new CD of MADONNA. While I was in line, a cute boy approaches me and we begin to talk about what was our expectations, the sounds, instrumentation, of how it would be. We listened the cd together, sharing the headphones and we stopped at track n°5! We decided to buy the cd, and with the smile upon the face he said: come with me, we listen up on my house! That day, was the day I fell in love with him. "SKIN" is the song that even after 20 years reminds me of that moment! Dy
20 April, 2018
Drowned World - Substitute for Love
This song opened my eyes and gave me an insight and understanding to the difficulties of being an icon/star and learning to accept the responsibilities associated with your life choices.
20 April, 2018
Sky Fits Heaven
It's so hard to pick one but I have to say Sky Fits Heaven is my favorite song on Ray of Light. I was a DJ in LA and Chicago for many years and EVERYTHING Madonna was essential for the club. I remember finding the Victor Calderone remixes to Sky Fits Heaven. The crowds would dance through the roof for this one! I play it on my training runs to this day! It's a classic song on a legendary CD.
19 April, 2018
Drowned World/Substitute for Love
Drowned World/Substitute for Love has to be my favourite song on this CD. I remember so vividly going into Dublin city center TWENTY years ago to buy it, I was in the record store with my second best friend and they were playing the CD in the store. We were both all 'wowsers' at this song and thought the style of it was so revolutionary from the ordinary sound of that time. I quickly snapped it up, put it in my shopping trolly and was racing home to play it on my CD player. This is still the song that reminds me of that time and place, the excitement of the moment and the newness of the sound!
19 April, 2018
Sky fits heaven !!! "travelin down thei
sky fits heaven, is not only the greatest title, but also the catchiest little jem.. Its my jam. No matter where or when, I often sing it in my head to myself, which everyone seems to appreciate is not out loud.
04 April, 2018
Ray of Light Message from another Dimens
SKIN! SKIN! SKIN! and MER GIRL! There are no more perfect songs in the universe and out! The album was released on my birthday date -03.03. and I find this very symbolic! Madonna, thank you for your guidance!
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