Ray of Light's 20th Anniversary

March 03, 2018

Happy 20th Anniversary to Madonna’s Ray of Light album, which was released worldwide on March 3rd, 1998!

Which song from the album is your favorite and why? Tell us in the comments for a chance to win a signed copy and get ready for more Ray of Light goodies to be unveiled throughout the month! http://spoti.fi/1SEt107 #RayofLight20

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06 March, 2018
The Power of Goodbye
‘The Power of Goodbye’ - being in a relationship - romantic or as friends - that ending that connection between two individuals is not easy. Letting go of the one you love — especially after whatever time you were together experiencing the ups and downs that any relationship is wrought with builds character. You may not realize that when it happens, and you say your goodbyes. but a good dose of self reflection and this song provides a sense of self confidence and empowerment. 20 years later, this and many songs off Ray of Light continue to be the soundtrack of myself and so many others. - John LaHair
06 March, 2018
My Ray of Light’s touching song : Power
Ray of light is the album that has most profoundly touched and affected me. I fell in love instantly , from the very first notes , like we were meant to be ! This masterpiece was the soundtrack of very challenging & and uplifting years. It was born when I decided to leave a dreadful past & take on the world, as a woman , on my own. It is the Ray of Light where I took flight. I truly believe I would not be the same quality of woman today without it. We were just meant to meet and travel together ! Power of goodbye still stands today as a companion through heartaches, challenges & pivotal moments. I think I have learned it's underlying lessons, but it is still there as a heartwarming ( & tear-jerking) reminder. This album from beginning to end, with powerful lyrics & enthralling melodies still acts as a form of therapy and wether there is melancholy, joy, hopes & victories, Ray of Light heals ! Even though more than a handful of Madonna songs helped me greatly to grow & evolve , strengthen & mirror core values, I will always share a deeper bond with Ray of Light for it has been there through hardship , growing pains & the most challenging of relationships : with myself ! A simple thank you will never cut it , this one is "heartcharged" ! Thank you & Bless You ! Your fan for life , Valérie
06 March, 2018
My fave Ray Of Light track...
Ray Of Light has been my favourite album of all-time since it's release (I have the logo tattooed on my wrist), so choosing a favourite track is incredibly difficult. However, "Nothing Really Matters" speaks to me the most - the lyrics remind me what's important in life and it's a damn fine track to dance to! "Nothing really matters, love is all we need..." <3
06 March, 2018
Frozen...love is a bird she needs to fly
You only see what your eyes want to see... Frozen is my best track from the album and is one of my all time favourite songs.This stunning ballad really makes you feel connected in a spiritual sense. As a new mother and with a new found love of Kabbalah this song really reflected the time period in Madonna's life which totally intrigued me as a young listener. I was only 11 when this track was released and it brings back so many memories of my childhood. I used to go crazy when it was played on the radio and when I finally got the tape I would play it over and over. The orchestration really shines in the song as it sort of twirls around Madonna's almost haunting singing. I love when Madonna performs this song live. It literally gives me goosebumps and takes me back to being a young child. The lyrics are so thought provoking and is Madonna at her best! Happy Anniversay Ray of Light Album!Thank you for giving me Frozen and the memories.
06 March, 2018
The Power of Good-Bye
Love this song since the first time I listened, always remembers me my first love, my first good-bye, it is such a powerful ballad so joyful and at the same time so melancholic, There's no greater power than the power of good-bye.
06 March, 2018
The great songs on this album are the ones written with Patrick Leonard, as always...HE is the genius, William orbit is a great producer....but THAT'S it. MADONNA PLEASE DO WORK WITH PATRICK AGAIN!!! He is willing! check his instagram! Please!!!
05 March, 2018
My favorite ray of light song
I could say that I have lots of favorites The power of good bye Frozen Ray of light Sky fits heaven Drowned world/substitute for love But i’m gonna choose frozen When I was 18 years old I was really sad about the meaning of life, but when I heard frozen it got into my vains, I felt something changed forever, I open up my heart and I left sadness behind, I decided to be happy and accept myself in the way I am today, I realized that I was in this world for a reason, so I started living and working to become a better person by loving others learning to love myself Thank you Madonna
05 March, 2018
Favorite Track...hmmm?
I have to pick two: Nothing Really Matters because I love the message, especially line "Nothing takes the past away like the future. Nothing makes the darkness go like the light". Getting that tattooed SOMEwhere soon. But then I LOOOOOOVVE Mer Girl; it's so simple and beautifully haunting and honest. The vocal is raw and vulnerable and I've always just loved it so much.
05 March, 2018
Ray of Light
My favorite song on the album is Ray Of Light because this song has renewed me as a human being in a bad moment of my life. This song made me aware that I could look at the world with frankness and deep spiritual perspectives that I did not understand before. The song "Ray of Light" provoked a 15-year-old personality release as fast as a ray of light to suit each concept, each parameter and seek the answers in each line of his lyrics the sonority that led me to along the way toward a human identity with an emphasis on bringing out the best within me giving me peace of mind and a better view of the modern world.
05 March, 2018
Drowned world / Substitute for love
This disc shows the sensitivity of Madonna with the arrival of Lola. She brought the light ...
05 March, 2018
Nothing Really Matters
This song dig deep into my heart soul, "LOVE is ALL WE NEED" I love singing to the song, dance to it, or just chill listening to it and how much comfort the song feed my heart and soul. Educate me to LOVE. Thank you Madonna, Thank you God for delivering Madonna to sing the song for us. Nothing really matters Love is all we need Everything I give you All comes back to me Looking at my life It's very clear to me I lived so selfishly I was the only one I realize That nobody wins Something is ending And something begins Nothing takes the past away Like the future Nothing makes the darkness go Like the light You're shelter from the storm Give me comfort in your arms
05 March, 2018
Drowned World/Substitute for Love is a m
No matter how many times I've listened to it, I always feel transported to another world whenever I hear the opening strains of Drowned World/Substitute for Love. It's a sad song, but it's inexplicably consoling and comforting. That's why this is my favorite song from the album.
04 March, 2018
My most favorite song from the album and video #Frozen. The best lyrics and music. The tune is still relevant after 20 years. I was 8 years old when I first heard this amazing song about love. mmm if i could melt your heart
04 March, 2018
It is a song that hit home. I felt what the song was saying spoke to me personally. When you see yourself in a song it can be cathartic and make you feel that you are not alone.
04 March, 2018
RoL 20Th
candy perfume girl, it stands the test of time?
04 March, 2018
favorite in ray of light
for me this is of course "frozen". first i listened this song, i was as "frozen" and the only thing i remembered was lyrics. love is a bird she needs to fly. so, tel us fly with your songs forever.... love u:)
04 March, 2018
Mer Girl - Ray of Light's 20th Anniversa
I love this album so much! The energy, amazing music and mix of tempo's. There are so many great tracks, but I connected to Mer Girl. It's so haunting with such a powerful ending. At the time I had moved to London and lost my dad. Madonna's music was a great comfort to me, I found it hard to express my feelings and felt trapped inside a bubble since the day he died. Madonna's always been so good at describing emotions and taking me on a journey with her, I'd lay on my bed and turn all the lights out and listen to Mer Girl, over and over through my headphones, the strange textures of sound and music and Madonna's words are so descriptive I felt like I was holding her hand and she was leading me somewhere safe. Losing my father is something I'll never forget, It's always there I just learn't to tune it out. The song was like a key and I would cry and cry and cry. It's so beautiful and honest in it's approach it just made me feel like everything was going to be OK. I've been a fan of Madonna's music for over 35 years! She helped me laugh, cry and a few other things along the way! I can't imagine life without her sounds, she just has a way of bringing emotions to life and makes you feel every word, such a talented artist, Frida Kahlo, painted her emotions, Madonna sings hers! Love always xx
04 March, 2018
My new light
When the album was released, I was coming from a difficult period and thank to a friend of mine i started to read books like the Celestine Vision. Of course, any new Madonna album was a surprise (no internet leaks back then) and I stille remember that when I listened to Drowned World, that voice and those sounds moved me so much that I cried of happiness... I don't know, it was like something had been unlocked and I was feeling more light. So to me, Drowned World is the one ❤️
04 March, 2018
An album that always cheers me up when im feeling down Every song has a meaning & lyrics that take you on a story A masterpiece A breakthrough A ray of light x
04 March, 2018
Sky Fits Heaven
Sky Fits Heaven is tho most powerful song of the album, with strong basement put me loud... #RayofLight20
04 March, 2018
Nothing Really Matters. The strong message about love and it’s power to change everything. Both the song and the video which is breathtaking brings me a lot of joy. It’s impressive to see how coherent and cohesive Ray of Light is. I love it! ❤️⚡️❤️
04 March, 2018
Substitute for Love
I can identify so strongly with the lyrics to this song. . . Dysfunctional childhood, looking in all the wrong places for love. Meeting men who use and abuse me because of my beauty. Never got the chance to show them how beautiful I am inside. . . So many things has been my Substitute for love through my life. Still looking for the real thing. Love the music. Especially the drums in the beginning of the song. So powerful it gives me goosebumps everytime I listen to it. Madonna's voice is so beautiful and fragile. . .
04 March, 2018
Nothing Really Matters
Look into her eyes, oh they never see what matters And look at these dreams, so beaten and so battered Then I play Ray Of Light and Nothing Really matters, And my heart got shattered, that's all that matters!
04 March, 2018
My fav ROL song: Swim
My fav song on ROL is Swim... To me this one's all about hope, new beginnings, not having to regret your choices in life. Every day is a new day with new chances and opportunities, so don’t you worry, you'll always have a second chance. --- Let the water wash over you. Wash it all over you. Swim to the ocean floor. So that we can begin again --- Also, I think this song captures the essence of the ROL album and era. Besides the amazingly well written lyrics the dreamy feel and sound of this song still thrills me after twenty years. (Gosh... has it really been twenty years...!?!) Marc Nijenhuis (Maxicon)
04 March, 2018
Ray of Light
How can you choose a favourite track of this world class album it's like saying which is your favourite child.
04 March, 2018
Sky fits heaven I fell in love with as soon as I heard it. I was a trapped soul at the time. Things weren’t going right. This song changed everything. I had purpose travelling down my own road. Watching the signs as I go. At last I was free. I got myself a job, a car and my first boyfriend. It was a very good year, album and song! Thank you Madonna xx
04 March, 2018
The lyrics of this song gives me a interior peace, I can hear the sound of the waves. "Swim to the other shore" gives me the force to continue and never give up.
03 March, 2018
the power of good bye
it touches my heart about how it is hard to say good-bye
03 March, 2018
Drowned World/Substitute for Love
As a lifetime fan, this was the first song I ever heard live. It was a moment of pure light when she rose above the stage. The emblem from Ray of Light is tattooed on me. #RayofLight20
03 March, 2018
My favorite song is Sky Fits Heaven. It's rhythm is unique, a real masterpiece of this album. It's lyrics are so deep, talks about that everybody walk all days in their own way, their own road call Life. Luis García Valencia garciavalencialuis@yahoo.com.mx
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