Two Madonna DVDs To be Released In September

July 27, 2009
In addition to her ‘Celebration’ Greatest Hits CD and DVD, two Madonna movies are to be released on DVD this coming September.

‘Filth & Wisdom”, Madonna’s first effort as a director, will be released in the USA on September 29. Just click here to pre-order your copy from Amazon.

Madonna and Nathan Rissman’s ‘I Am Because We Are’ documentary will also get a DVD release by September 22. Click here to pre-order. Please visit for more info about the film.
July 31, 2009 posted by michelsuccess
looking forward
I just can´t wait for that happen! It will be amazing to have Madonna as a director in my DVD collection...
July 30, 2009 posted by michelsuccess
As best as she can
Madonna is always at her best no matter what she intends to do... I really love her dedication to her work of two nice movies... keep on going Madge. You´re awesome!!
July 30, 2009 posted by michelsuccess
A special brazilian
Well I hope to have the CD/DVD "Celebration" also the two Madonna most recent movies on my personal "archive"... thanks madge for granting us so much entertainment...
July 29, 2009 posted by vale
What a couple fo great news I've just read, I was expecting for "I am Because We Are" premier in Mexico, but it seems we will not have the opportunity to see it in theaters before the release of the it seems Madonna is making her fans wishes come true I have two request for her: please release "The virgin Tour" and "Blond Ambition Tour" on DVD
July 29, 2009 posted by andrej25
2 madonna dvds
cool!! Greatest Hits 3!!! but i want the re invention tour on dvd!! please please please!! madonna you rock! i love ya!!
July 28, 2009 posted by paulinaort77
Guauuuuuuuuuuu Great news!!!!!!!
July 28, 2009 posted by jrondolo
thats really cool :)
July 28, 2009 posted by rejeanjroy
Can't wait for "I Am Because We Are"
Already got "Filth & Wisdom" too since I'm in Canada also, they have it already have it on for people who are Canadian and would like to purchase it, very nice work Madonna!
July 28, 2009 posted by lamadonnatheque
Great news!
Great News! Can't wait to view again and again the moving "I Am Because We Are" ! Here in Quebec, we already have the "Filth & Wisdom" with sub-titles available. This is a great work-of-art ! Bravo Madonna!
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