100 Most Shocking Moments in Rock 'N" Roll

May 22, 2001
If it's not shocking, it's not rock 'n" roll - that's been true from the first thrust of Elvis" crotch to the falsified chirping of Milli Vanilli. However, sometimes rock can go too far, jolting the most jaded fan with its appetite for excess and real-life drama - remember how you felt when you heard about Kurt Cobain's last act with a shotgun? In an era when Janet Jackson's discovery of the F word barely raises an eyebrow, VH1 combed through the past to give you the 100 most shocking moments in rock 'n" roll. Parental guidance advised.

#87 - Madonna scandalizes with her Like a Prayer video (1989)

#11 - Madonna bares all in her racy Sex book (1992)

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