2020 HD upgraded videos & digital single releases

December 18, 2020

During the past few months, some of Madonna’s singles and remixes from the 90s and 00s were digitally released and a selection of her videos upgraded to HD. Watch, stream and/or download them all from the below list and get ready for more coming in 2021!

Digital single releases:

Human Nature: https://lnk.to/humannatureWE

Vogue: https://Rhino.lnk.to/VogueMaxiWE

Music: https://lnk.to/MusicMaxiWE

Hanky Panky: https://lnk.to/HankyPankyWE

Erotica: https://Rhino.lnk.to/eroticaWE

Secret: https://Rhino.lnk.to/secretWE

Justify My Love: https://Rhino.lnk.to/justifymyloveWE

Rescue Me: https://Rhino.lnk.to/rescuemeWE


HD upgraded videos:

Jump: https://youtu.be/Rx0mYN32Kps

Erotica: https://youtu.be/WyhdvRWEWRw

Hung Up: https://youtu.be/EDwb9jOVRtU

Secret: https://youtu.be/EPHUZenprKc

Music (TV Edit): https://youtu.be/6qjBXqiWEFk


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