‘Celebration’ Video Exclusive Download & Album Pre-Order

August 31, 2009
The time has come Madonna fans! The 'Celebration' video directed by Jonas Akerlund has just been released and we have a related surprise for you: It's a Celebration, right? So let's all join the fun: Click here to download the full video now!

Please note that this download special is available for a limited time only so make sure to join the party before it's too late!

You want more? The Celebration album is now available for pre-order from iTunes! Pre-order the album and video compilation by a clicking here and get the exclusive previously unreleased bonus track 'It's So Cool'.

More great 'Celebration' related news are coming your way, so stay tuned!!
September 04, 2009 posted by Richard74
Great song and video
Love you Madonna! You are the queen of pop! I love the song and video. Does it work on itunes TURKEY?? and bonus Track It's so cool... how can I download from Turkey? Can't wait.. God save the queen..!
September 04, 2009 posted by lamichael
itunes vs amazon??
the amazon dvd compilation appears to have 47 videos yet the itunes package with the videos only has 30...confused but ready to Celebrate!
September 04, 2009 posted by luisbahia
September 03, 2009 posted by stevec74
Great video!
I love the song and video. Great seeing Lourdes and Jesus in there as well. :-)
September 02, 2009 posted by jonty
Nothing for the UK :(
please can we join in
September 01, 2009 posted by Anyaina
Resumes an amazing life has inspired every single Pop soul in the world. Madonna and her brigthtness performance, is and always will be the motive & reason of our personal CELEBRATION. Thank you for the MUSIC! God Save the Queen... !
September 01, 2009 posted by chefshep
Let the Celebration Begin!
Absolutely great! Love you Madonna! Your are the Queen of Pop, Dance, and the Top 40!
September 01, 2009 posted by Hisham
What A Cool Celebration!!
I Absolutely LOVED It!!! What a surprise :D
September 01, 2009 posted by sebastianscove
I Love It!
This video is fierce...love the dancing and the fact she uses a remix for the video!
September 01, 2009 posted by Madge2012
does it work on itunes UK?
Please advise as only seem to get the preorder page? saw the video on uk vh1 today and love it xx Thanks
September 01, 2009 posted by Codi
Amazing!! I can't stop look at it! I saw you in Vienna and Munich! Great Show! Kiss, Codi.
September 01, 2009 posted by AndresdeLara
Should be available worlwide.....
September 01, 2009 posted by anki
what about us Europeans?
Agree with previous comments...what about us in Europe?
September 01, 2009 posted by mith29
We want the clip for free during two days in france too !!!
September 01, 2009 posted by AnnetteG
Celebration Video
I cannot find the "Celebration" video on iTunes. Is anyone able to let me know where it is? I have found the "Celebration" album on iTunes. Thank you. Annette
September 01, 2009 posted by Diana
Thank you!
What about citizens outside US?
September 01, 2009 posted by mil
Only works for the US :(
Too bad to be in Europe!
September 01, 2009 posted by Raluci
Absolutely Incredible!!!!
The video for "Celebration" is absolutely incredible....LIKED IT?!?!...NOOOOO.....LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!.... I can't wait to buy both the CD and DVD "Celebration". I love your work and music. Lots of kisses from Bucharest, ROMANIA
September 01, 2009 posted by chadjan
"Celebration" in Europe?
Why isn't the video available for download in Denmark? It seems it's only available for download in the US? It might be an iTunes issue - but then release it on another site?
August 31, 2009 posted by madonnaradio
Thank you I LOVE THIS
Thank you, Lola looks great and THIS IS A GREAT VIDEO !!! Pre-ordered and downloaded!
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