Celebration Video Release Date

August 22, 2009
The wait is almost over... Just a few more days before we all discover the video to Madonna’s new anthem..!

The ‘Celebration’ video will be available for download from iTunes in the USA, Canada and Mexico starting September 1st.

The video, which was directed by Jonas Akerlund, is also set to premiere on TV around the world that very same day!

More details are to be announced soon so stay tuned!
August 26, 2009 posted by DevilWouldn_tRecognizeYou95
This is so amazing!!! I want to see the video right now:Dd
August 26, 2009 posted by cpicazzo
Thank you!!
Madonna.- You can count with Mexico for become your video a # 1 in iTunes. WE LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE YOU SO MUCH! Come back whenever you want!!
August 25, 2009 posted by robbie
waiting for you!
Come back to the US for another round girl! You are the BEST!
August 24, 2009 posted by angel080167
Cant wait...
I am so excited I cant wait to see it. I luv everything Madonna. Long Live The Queen.
August 23, 2009 posted by twistedmarco
Celebration in the Holy Land
On Sept 1st most of us will be in Tel Aviv, waiting for one of the coolest gigs ever to start. I will be thinking about 'Celebration' reaching the rest of the world in religious silence and meditation while enduring Israel's merciless sun. I wonder if our Queen is considering honouring the Holy Land with the first live performance of 'Celebration' :-)
August 23, 2009 posted by vale
What a great news, anxiously waiting for seeing the video
August 23, 2009 posted by fromRUSSIAwhithLOVE
I gust wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADONNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God bless you and your children, we allways love U, allways waitind for new songs, new shows, new view, new U!!! From Russia (Saint Petersburg) with huge LOVE!!!!!
August 22, 2009 posted by Wilma
looking forward to see the video!
what about Europe! when is it possible to download the video from iTunes?
August 22, 2009 posted by spica2711
september 1st?
Too long :(( But I hope it will be worth the wait :X
August 22, 2009 posted by LaIslaMaria
celebration video
i look forward to seeing the video !!!
August 22, 2009 posted by Th0m4s1992
Good news.
The new look from the teaser looks great, can't wait to see the actual video!
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