Classic Madonna Contest #8

April 18, 2005 has a new contest for ICONERS! This week's front page is  a never before seen image from a photoshoot that was an instant classic for  Madonna. Answer the below questions correctly and you have a chance to win  3 Re - Invention Tour t - shirts!

1) Identify the name and photographer  for this photoshoot.

2) Please name the magazine that premiered this  photoshoot, including the exact release date of the particular  issue.

3) Who designed the red embroidered dress M wears during the  very same photoshoot?

4) How many costumes did Madonna appear in  during this photoshoot.

Once you have this information, please  email your answers to
icontest@moov - by Thursday April 7, 2005 6PM  PST. You must include your
name, address and your valid ICON member number.

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