Digital ICON Preview!

February 22, 2007
The very first issue of the digital Icon Magazine will be released very soon! In this issue, Liz Rosenberg, Madonna's beloved publicist, will share some memories, thoughts and behind the scenes details about Madonna's latest promotional trips, including the U.S release of Arthur and The Invisibles, the DVD/CD release of The Confessions Tour and more! Today, we are happy to premiere a short preview of this amazing story:

"If you weren't under a big rock, I assume you have heard that Madonna adopted a baby in Malawi while simultaneously working on the building of an orphan care center there for the thousands of children whose parents have died from the Aids epidemic. Those who saw her "Confessions" show or have seen her DVD "Confessions Tour - Live From London" or have seen and read her interviews know that Madonna's more than talking the talk. Little did I know that the press would have a field day because she chose to keep her visit private or who knows why. She saved a life literally and has committed to saving thousands of other lives for children by providing medical care and food. I can only assume that the general public would only applaud her for her efforts as did some members of the press. But much of the media went after her and things got pretty crazy for awhile. I'll still never understand why. I was thrilled when Oprah Winfrey called to request that Madonna sit down with her to set things straight. Off I flew to London where Madonna defended doing something so selfless and helping making the world a better place. Oprah could not have been kinder and more supportive and even called Madonna after the interview for a private conversation which was very comforting."

To be continued.

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