Earlier Today In Helsinki

August 06, 2009
Madonna’s manager Guy Oseary took some great photos of Madonna rehearsing for today’s show in Helsinki.

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September 30, 2009 posted by
Madonna<3 Thank You<3 You are So Beautiful<3 I love Your way You sing and dance<3 I was just front of You
August 14, 2009 posted by
Thanks for finally coming to Finland and hope to see you again!!! Love You and everything you do Madonna, now and forever!
August 14, 2009 posted by Countess
Special thanks for Your exellent show in Helsinki August 06! I will name my next chihuahua puppy for you! Keep going and wellcome back!
August 13, 2009 posted by SUSIEDO
Words will never describe what you have meant for my life for the past 30 yrs..You have helped me thru so many hardships as sorrows, and the releases of your songs and albums has "weirdly" coincided themewise with stuff happening in my life. I saw u in Cardiff, thinking you would NEVER come to Finland,,so now i saw u twice, and close up.. U r beautiful, magnificent, amazing..ure THE QUEEN! lOVE U SO MUCH MADONNA! WELCOME AGAIN!! your fans stay loyal to u, i know i do!
August 11, 2009 posted by Greenheart
It seems that next time we have to get much wider place for show !
August 11, 2009 posted by Janex
Madonna, you are absolutely the best I have ever seen!
August 10, 2009 posted by Leenanna
Helsinki 09
I will remember your gig for the rest of my life but I still hope you'll come bk to Finland someday. Seems that whole Finland got Madonna fever as that's all we talk about now ;) Even my 5 year old niece is learning to dance like you.
August 10, 2009 posted by maige
Thank you Madonna for the GREAT and UNFORGETABLE show In Helsinki. Incredible night!! Hope to see you again in Finland. <3
August 10, 2009 posted by lillemamma
Helsinki 2009
What a great show in Helsinki! Definitely the best concert experience I ever had!! Thank you Madonna and the whole crew for unforgettable evening! Wish to see you soon back in Finland. YOU'RE THE BEST!!!
August 10, 2009 posted by ultsi86
Thank you SOOO MUCH for the AMAZING show!!!! You were and ARE the BEST!!!! First row with you was unforgettable!!!! Please come back to Finland on your next tour as well!!! Thanks Guy O. for the picture you took of me and my sisters in the crowd, we don't get pictures like that every day!!!! Love ya!!!!!!!! <3
August 09, 2009 posted by estella
Helsinki 2009
Thank you Madonna I loved your show so much! You were fantastic!! Please come back again!!! I'll never forget this!! YOU ARE THE BEST!
August 09, 2009 posted by
Kaiffari Espoosta
Finnish FANS dreams came true -we love YOU! Thank for visiting Finland - welcome again!!!!
August 08, 2009 posted by zhanna13
Thank you Madonna for an incredible show in Helsinki! I came all the way from Rovaniemi, at Arctic Circle, to see the show and it sure was worth it! You gave us maximum energy and warmth for the coming winter : ) Thank you! Wish to see you in Finland in future too. /Johanna
August 08, 2009 posted by samattila
Thanks for a great show here in Finland and please,please..come back soon!!!
August 08, 2009 posted by ninni
Helsinki 2009
I'm so happy that my sister and I finally got to see your megashow in Helsinki it was GREAT! I've been waiting for this for a very, very,very(26-27 years) longtime and I'm still flying high:)and smiling that I saw my favourite idol live;)You're the best! I hope you and you're family enjoyed you're stay in Helsinki! Hope you'll come back someday!
August 07, 2009 posted by jasmin25
Incredible, lovely, fantastic show Madonna ! Thank You and hope you will be back ! :)
August 07, 2009 posted by Lissu
Helsinki 2009
Please come back soon!!!!
August 07, 2009 posted by Pirjo
Great gig...thank you so much because you are visit to helsinki,Finland <3 Awesome
August 07, 2009 posted by morri
Helsinki -09
I just can't stop lovin' you. Love that show in Helsinki...grrrrrrr beibe.. :D
August 07, 2009 posted by Greenheart
Hei Madonna! You made us happier, will you come again, my love?
August 07, 2009 posted by marjut
Thank you for visiting us here in Finland! I miss U already!
August 07, 2009 posted by sannasie
Thank you Madonna, your show was awesome, as always! Can not wait to see you in Göteborg tomorrow!
August 07, 2009 posted by Carita
Thank You Madonna for your Superb consert here in Helsinki, Finland. You are the Greatest Artist in the world !!! Your show was Fantastic !! Hope you will come here again :)
August 07, 2009 posted by helppa
The show was great!!! Thank you and your hole crew. Welcome back!
August 07, 2009 posted by fabmom
Helsinki 2009
Finally we 2-kids moms saw you live! We were jumping up and down all the time. THANK YOU for giving us such a great experience!!!
August 07, 2009 posted by litlegirl
Hope yuo will be back
I didin't make it to Jätkäsaari becouse i have a newborn at home... so i hope that you will be back someday. I realy would like to see your gig too.
August 07, 2009 posted by funkyjams
helsinki 2009
Tahnk you Madonna for making so great show, i wont never forget it, I hope someday you com back
August 07, 2009 posted by Petteri
What A Great Show! She is still Number One. Just keep rocking on.
August 07, 2009 posted by mandyman
Earlier Today In Helsinki
Thanks Madonna for the greatest gig I've ever been!You're the Queen and King of music and art!We finns are the lucky ones because we've seen you,our lovely Lucky star!I wish you,your family and workers all the best and thanks again!
August 07, 2009 posted by Helsinki2009
Helsinki 2009
Nice gig Madonna! Hope you will be back someday! Thank You!!
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