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September 22, 2013
Interscope Records would like to make consumers of Madonna's MDNA World Tour Blu-ray disc aware that the concert will be seen at its most optimal quality by properly adjusting the settings on your television to "Normal/Movie" mode rather than "Dynamic/Enhanced" mode.

Older Blu-ray players or those without a firmware upgrade may experience glitches when navigating the Blu-ray menu. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to upgrade firmware.

Due to an error in manufacturing that has compromised the 5.1 audio in the US, a full recall of the Blu-ray disc will be issued in the US. No other markets will be affected.
We apologize for this inconvenience.
September 26, 2013 posted by Antara
Interscope Apology
Possibly there is no one to blame...Computers, although very advanced, can still not function correctly...It's just something that can't be anticipated...Apology accepted...
September 24, 2013 posted by dmtmlvc
Blu Ray Recall..Info?
This is great news! How will we know what to do or how/ when to proceed with the recall situation. Do we exchange / return at the same place it was originally purchased? Thank you
September 23, 2013 posted by tosh
Tony baker
There should recall all the blu rays around the world, I live in the UK and mine is awful shocking sound and bad picture quality. Someone listen to the fans, come on Interscope sort this mess out and not just for the US
September 23, 2013 posted by MatiRom
I'll try
This is interesting. I'm gonna do it :)
September 23, 2013 posted by raulsagitario73
When and how the recall process will start? If I purchased it via should the recall be done by Amazon? Kindly inform, tks MADONNA FAN # 1
September 23, 2013 posted by smarquette
So now what?
So what do we do now? And can it be fixed?
September 23, 2013 posted by LaIslaMaria
apology accepted
nobody's perfect !! thanks for this statement interscope records- i hope there will be an official announcement when we can re-order ?
September 22, 2013 posted by repcoh
Blu Ray exchange?
So what does this mean for us who purchased the faulty Blu-ray disc in the US? Is there an exchange coming?
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