'I Am Because We Are' Premieres In France

March 06, 2009
Madonna and Nathan Rissman's 'I Am Because We Are' documentary will be released on March 25 in France. In the meantime, Nathan attended two of the previews organized in Paris (March 3rd) and in Lille (March 5th). As the documentary's director, he took the time to answer the audience's related questions and to share his thoughts about the situation in Malawi.

Working on the project for more than 2 years and spending a lot of time with children in orphanages helped Nathan to turn the documentary into an amazing and touching story made of what those children have to deal with on a daily basis. Suffering from AIDS, infections and malnutrition, most of the children in Malawi have lost their parents and are in need for proper education and guidance.

More than just a story about Malawi, 'I Am Because We Are' provides the audience with keys to help changing the situation but also spreads hope for a better world.

For more info about 'I Am Because We Are', please visit www.iambecauseweare.com.

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