Like A Prayer's 30th Anniversary

March 21, 2019

Madonna fans! Today is an iconic one for all of us. To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Like A Prayer album, we are happy to share a devoted playlist including some of the album’s original songs, but also remixes of the main singles and « Supernatural », which was featured as B-Side of the « Cherish » single. Check it out now and make sure to share your album related memories in the comments! #LAP30

April 14, 2019 posted by butch1977
so good!
A masterpiece!
April 11, 2019 posted by jayhlohinec
I have the cassette single to this day of cherish with supernatural as the b-side. Have a few originals in safe keeping.
April 10, 2019 posted by MIBIDA
SPANISH EYES song on this Album
I was 10 years old when i felt in love for the first time with Madonna in 1986. In 1989 they gave me this album as a present, when the whole world was crazy with like a prayer top hit, i was only in love with Spanish Eyes, i played this song over and over again, it became a big hit on the top 1 list in Curacao and Aruba where i come from, while in the USA and Holland they don’t even play it on the radio. For the last 4 tours of Madonna i always bought vip first rows i made my own pillow saying: PLEASE SING SPANISH EYES, hoping that My girl would see me with this pillow in my hands begging her to let my dream come thru seeing this request and pull me on stage to sing this with her, but it never happened, twice on 2 different tours, i caught her eyes reading my pillow, i was shaking and thought it was gonna happen but she didn’t. I will keep trying on each next tour of you Madonna, iam 43 right now 3 decades further and i still love you, you are my number 1. Gino Winklaar
April 02, 2019 posted by Miketa
One of my favourites
It's hard to pick favourites with so many amazing choices, but this album is definitely one of my favourites. This album proved that pop music can reach the realm of true artistry. Like A Prayer is a Prayer Answered. Love it!
March 29, 2019 posted by danaguy71
Pepsi Commerical
I remember seeing the Pepsi commercial the one time it aired on NBC in 1989. I thought it was great. I couldn't really understand why people got so upset over the video.........but I'm not a religious person......
March 22, 2019 posted by mrsmaria
Like A Prayer
I got this album on my 19th birthday on April 14th 1989! This album is one of my absolute favorites and reminds me of a great year. Being 19 is something special and having Madonna and Like A Prayer along that year was just perfect!
March 22, 2019 posted by mreitzer
My beginning as a Fan
This Album was my entry into madonna‘s world which Changed my Life; from then on I became a devoted Fan
March 21, 2019 posted by ivelinatraykova
Happy Anniversary!
March 21, 2019 posted by Gert
I love this masterpiece
my LP still smells like M spirit <3 Can't wait for your new album ! hugs and kisses from Gert Austria
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