Madonna Launches Flipboard Magazine

September 25, 2013
Today, in conjunction with global release of Madonna's secretprojectrevolution, the 17-minute film she created and co-directed with Steven Klein to launch a global initiative to further freedom of expression, a new Flipboard magazine titled #ArtForFreedom also debuted. The #ArtForFreedom Flipboard magazine created by Madonna, Steven Klein and Giovanni Bianco (of Studio 65) features 85 exclusive animated GIF's that can be easily flipped through on Flipboard and shared across social networks or into other Flipboard magazines. Each GIF is based off of the film.

Bringing the stunning content of secretprojectrevolution and Art For Freedom into one immersive digital collection, Madonna is pioneering the media experience with her magazine on Flipboard. Fans can find Madonna's magazine in the New & Noteworthy and Art categories of the free Flipboard app for any iPhone, iPad or Android device. "Working with Flipboard was an eye opening experience", said Madonna, "They've given me a whole new outlet to show my work. They've been totally supportive and collaborative and I love the way it looks. One more important puzzle piece in the revolution of love."

Fans can participate in the larger conversation that Madonna is sparking with this project around the question "What does freedom mean to you?" by creating their own expression through or creating their own Flipboard magazine. You can also also search for or tap on the hashtags #secretprojectrevolution, #artforfreedom and #revolution to see how others are expressing their freedom.

A Flipboard magazine is a new way to collect and share content; a single place for gathering stories, photos, and videos around any topic or passion. Three million magazines have been created in the first five months since the launch of Flipboard's magazine curation in March, on topics ranging from fashion to filmmaking and from changing the world to changing people's minds. Magazine curators include political leaders, musicians, publishers and millions of every day people with a passion who want to express themselves. Flipboard recently crossed the 85 million active readers mark.
October 02, 2013 posted by bertrandjackson
pour un monde meilleur
merci madonna de donner ,une fois de plus,la chance à des centaines de gens,de pouvoir s'exprimer..mais comment le faire en quelques lignes..depuis trente ans que tu es ma reine.ton film est comment dire..."BANG"!Et le texte est puissant...Il faut réveiller les gens.Madonna tu n'es pas seule,la resistance se prépare,dans le bruit et aussi le n'ai pas peur.Je préfère mourir pour une cause,que vivre pour vivre dans un monde d'intolérance,ça ne me dit rien.Michael jackson,mon roi,et tellement d'autres aussi,seraient tellement heureux qu'on y parvienne.A tous les combattants de la liberté.A toi Madonna,mon unique reine,stay the same!
September 29, 2013 posted by VicB
September 29, 2013 posted by XiaoDiDi
Patience and Persistence
A fuse working its way to a stick of dynamite begins slowly, with a little fizzle, but slowly gains momentum, picks up steam, takes on a life of its own as it approaches the punchline. Don't expect an immediate rush to arms. They need time to get over their shock, and fear. Time to look around them, look in the mirror, look at what is within their own power to do. I've waited 9 years for this day, Dita. ANd seeing this made all the sacrifces, and patient endurance, worth enduring. SO thank you for that. Give it time, and don't get too anxious. Give the ripples time to move across the pond. Hopefully by this time next year, they'll be listening. I'm going to use that year to work on this new form of total immersion fluid freeform virtuality media experience in Second Life, and pave the way for you heavyweights to lead them to the Dawn, with your panpipes and always incredible and evolving style. Thank you for being you. peace
September 29, 2013 posted by ami_soc-portal
September 26, 2013 posted by Antara
Flipboard Magazine
I subscribed; Madonna does a wonderful job in bringing her message to her fans..
September 25, 2013 posted by LaIslaMaria
mind boggling
you really out done your self M-thank you !! visually stunning-and feeding my brain-i want more........
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