Madonna Lays Brick For New African Girls' Academy

April 08, 2010
Madonna laid the first brick of her new girls' academy near Malawi's capital Tuesday, in which she encouraged Malawian girls to "dare to dream," according to the inscription on the brick.

The pop star said it has long been her dream to build a girls' school. She said she hopes the girls attending the academy will go on to become doctors, lawyers and future leaders of their country.

The $15 million Raising Malawi Academy for Girls is scheduled to open in 2011, and will assist 500 orphaned children.

At the same event, Madonna also launched a telecommunications and fundraising initiative that aims to provide education to children around the world by offering secondary school scholarships and by supporting schools in developing countries in accessing the internet.

"Kids will be able to connect with kids from the other parts of the world," the singer said. "This will promote peace throughout the world."

Telecommunications giant Ericsson will donate computers to various schools in 11 African countries through the United Nations Millennium Village initiative, where model villages are established to demonstrate how the quality of life in African rural areas can be improved through community-led development.

Daughters Lourdes and Mercy accompanied Madonna to Tuesday's ceremony.

Madonna arrived in Malawi on Monday for a weeklong charity tour to inspect projects she established since her first visit in 2006 while filming a documentary on its devastating poverty and AIDS crisis. She also funds six Malawian orphanages, which feed, clothe and educate some 25,000 orphans.

Source: AP
April 11, 2010 posted by reti_maria
Thank you!
World is grateful to you, Madonna, you're doing amazing job in Malawi!
April 10, 2010 posted by iconermadonna
Making a Difference
Well Done Madonna for making this happen and making a difference for the orphans in Malawai. This will encourage others to do the same :-)
April 10, 2010 posted by illuminatus
Nice work Madonna. You have a GOOD heart indeed. Im inapired by your work both professionally and Personally. Continue the good work!
April 08, 2010 posted by LizMogrovejo
Madonna Big Heart
Madonna te admiro por tener un gran corazon con las personas mas necesitadas de este planeta, eres la Reina Madonna, todo lo que haces es admirado, eres una gran madre, cantante, amiga, eres Madonna
April 08, 2010 posted by Vogue1
Thanks M.
Madonna be blessed! Congrats on the success.
April 08, 2010 posted by atenea
i love this
it's cool. you're very tender and i love people that they help other people.
April 08, 2010 posted by vicenteguerrero
Excellent work!
Well, people knows just one face of Madonna, about her musical one, but now for her and all her staff is time to face the other, the solidarity one. Thanks for sharing your world, Madonna!
April 08, 2010 posted by Evita
April 08, 2010 posted by LaIslaMaria
Girl's Academy 1st Brick
Historic moment for all involved including Africa & Malawi ! Look what happens when compassion and caring is with in yourself !!
April 08, 2010 posted by AmelieDel
Together for Malawi
Wonderful project, we're all with you Madonna!
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