Madonna Music Reaches No. 1 With Glee’s ‘Power Of Madonna’ CD

April 29, 2010

Madonna is back on top as “The Power of Madonna” soundtrack from the hit tv show “Glee” jumps into the No. 1 slot on Billboard’s Top 200 Chart.
According to Billboard, the “Glee” cast’s version of Madonna’s l989 No. 1 Billboard Hot 100 hit, “Like a Prayer” was the biggest selling individual track from the show last week, debuting at No. l0 on the Digital Songs chart with 87,000 downloads sold. “Prayer“ debuted today at No. 27 on Billboard’s Hot l00 singles chart.

“I’m thrilled to be Number One.. It’s such an honor. It makes me want to go back into the studio and write more songs,” commented the Material Girl.

The Material Girl’s catalogue sales have also surged this week. The appropriately titled, “Celebration" re-enters Billboard 200 at No. 85 – up 219%. All told, Madonna’s catalogue of albums saw a 44% jump in sales with “4 Minutes” and “Like a Prayer” gaining sales of l83% and 267% consecutively.

Rumors continue to circulate about the possibility of another episode of “Glee” filled with Madonna songs but this has yet to be confirmed by the Madonna camp.
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06 May, 2010
A very nice a smart person
I am From Brasil, I am a very fan of madonna and I hope she can create new sond to inspire people like me, to be the best person I can be, every day of my happy life.
05 May, 2010
It's simply amazing!
30 April, 2010
Icon Madonna
So many years, so many songs, so many lives changed all because of this Woman from the midwest! Thanks for everything! Light Wishes.ZO
30 April, 2010
Coming back? You mean here to stay!
People who say Madonna's music is coming back fail to realize it never left. Like her, her music is iconic and timeless. It holds a unique place in our culture that sets it apart from the music of many other performers. What is great about the Glee moment, however, is that it represents the first large success of other performers covering M's music. When shoes are too big to fill, people are afraid to try. Maybe now we'll see more appreciation for the music itself. Go, Madonna!
30 April, 2010
The Power Of Madonna
Madonna"s music is really powerful. Her great work and talent shines through, like magic.
29 April, 2010
no other like her...
makes her want to go back into the studio hahaha of course she will music is her passion and why not another madonna themed episode? sooo much more could be sung!...all the story lines that can told with many more M songs...also the sales dont hurt...until the next dance...i'll be here waiting for new madonna music...p/s dont make me wait too long now....
29 April, 2010
To the last Icon!!
Madonna congrats on the chart success, and I'm so excited for you, and your career. Because nobody will ever take your place. In life you have artists then you have Madonna!! xo Love Kristin.
29 April, 2010
shes coming back
we know your coming back and your coming back with all our suport
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