Madonna on ABC And BBC America

January 13, 2012
Madonna fans, make sure to watch ABC's 20/20 show tonight at 10pm for a special interview with Madonna.

Also, please note that the Graham Norton Show, which will air in the UK tonight is scheduled to air on BBC America tomorrow at 10pm EST.

January 18, 2012 posted by dsant7
Great interview!
I loved your interview with Graham Norton! He asked great questions and you looked fabulous! Especially your shoes! I can't wait to see W.E. and watch the Superbowl!
January 15, 2012 posted by luisrodrigues
You are full of joy
I really enjoyed your nightline interview...Once again you showed how intelligent you are.
January 14, 2012 posted by lesserpumo
amazing interview madonna
January 14, 2012 posted by crystalcamille333
I love you Madonna..... on BBC
I watched you on tv again... you were awesome... obviously.... I am sending lots and lots of love and an abundance of LIGHT !!!!! Always, Crystal Camille XXX XOXOXOXOX
January 13, 2012 posted by crystalcamille333
Most Powerful Light Angel !!!!
Madonna, I will be watching your sparks of brilliant light sparkle tonight on the tube... I am sending you and your kids Much abundance of protecting light and love ... I always love you angel, Crystal Camille Birkes XXX XOXOXOXO Soooo busy... me too....
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