Madonna Photos From Tour Rehearsals

March 10, 2012
Check out the "Media" section of the site for 3 photos that Madonna took herself while rehearsing for her upcoming world tour!

March 13, 2012 posted by juanete
I love you.Take care
I love you and your wonderful shows! But take care of yourself, don´t work so hard!! Dreaming with your new tour now!!! Juano from Arfentina
March 12, 2012 posted by MQ
Go on MADGE...
Don't worry guys,because our QUEEN is the only one who knows that,only hard work brings the good results.So,go on this way my beautiful QUEEN,and we will be on your side...Because,we all are ADDICTED to YOU...
March 11, 2012 posted by twistedmarco
And to think the tour hasn't kicked off
WOW ! Madonna, you are already rehearsing meticulously. We are so proud of you. A big hug and I'll see at front of stage in Tel Aviv !
March 11, 2012 posted by nil_aycan
The photos are very mysterious! Who knows what was going on there and how her body bruised.. I hope the bruises didn't hurt much. Thanks for sharing.. Have a nice tour working, Madonna:)
March 11, 2012 posted by confessions3
TOUR 2012
Please be careful Madonna. I love you.
March 11, 2012 posted by 94jump
Madonna.. we appreciate all your hard work!!! We know how much you sacrifice and how much you rehearse and we really appreciate all this! But be careful, we love you so much and we don't want you to get hurt! Sending you love and kisses
March 11, 2012 posted by FBPfalz1978
Thank you for working hard but please be careful Madonna :-( And thx for share with us btw ... I love the heart LOL I want also a Heart .. what I have to do? :D Joked! Take care Madonna
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