Madonna Special Club Show At Paris' Olympia To Be Streamed Live Via The Lovelive Youtube Channel This Thursday, July 26th

July 25, 2012

Following overwhelming demand for tickets to Madonna's intimate club show scheduled to take place on Thursday, July 26th at the historic Olympia in Paris, the Material Girl has invited her fans around the world to see her performance via a live global stream through LoveLive's YouTube channel beginning 10:15pm Paris time CEST; 4:15pm EDT. There will also be a post stream of the show where the footage can be viewed in its entirety.

The show, which was confirmed by Live Nation - Madonna's MDNA international tour partner - will include songs from the artist's current album, MDNA, along with her new single, "Turn Up The Radio" as well as several classics. MDNA which was released by Universal Records debuted at No. 1 in over 40 countries. The Olympia, founded in 1888 has been the site of legendary shows by performers such as Marlene Dietrich, Edith Piaf and Charles Aznavour. .

Toby L, Creative Director of LoveLive commented: "We are beyond elated to be hosting a global stream of one of the world's most iconic artists in such a unique and intimate circumstance which will bring our audience closer than ever to Madonna. This performance typifies what we're doing with the LoveLive music series, which will continue to feature the world's most recognisable music artists."

Patrick Walker, Senior Director, Content Partnerships EMEA, YouTube commented: "It's incredibly exciting that Madonna's performance from this iconic, intimate venue will be available to her fans around the world via YouTube. No one needs to miss out on this great addition to YouTube's music line-up this summer."

Madonna's MDNA Tour, currently whirling through Europe, has reaffirmed her reputation as one of the most thrilling and fearless performers ever: "Spectacular" raved the Mail. "Seeing Madonna live is a privilege," glowed The Independent. "Another world-class show her fans will lap up," raved The Sun. "Madonna's back with a vengeance... our disco Messiah," commented MOJO Magazine.

The global live stream can be viewed through the LoveLive channel on YouTube @
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07 August, 2012
Très belle interprétation de Gainsbourg, Edith Piaf la prochaine fois :)
01 August, 2012
absolutely amazing
I watched the live feed. All i can say is absolutely amazing. your concert is the greatest always. Your the ultimate woman & performer. Wish i had been there. I will always idolize u . much love
30 July, 2012
Tres Bien Madonna
I watched the live stream and wished I was there. You were as fabulous as always. There will always be a minority of people who don't like you and will criticise but remember there are millions that love you and that's why you are a superstar.
30 July, 2012
je ne regrette rien ;-)
Thank you, it was awesome, hot and so special ! Always too short, but WORTH IT ! And I'm still a french fan ;-)
30 July, 2012
This night was completely amazing and now i'm full of hapiness ! so thank you so much and sorry because i couldn't stop myself to scream ! and i'm crazy about you because you reel, you really live what you do (dance, sing ..) also i found that you dance so much in the Mdna !!! sorry too but i never could think this before ! I'm bluffing, i'm 27 and it impossible for me to move like you more of 15 mn :) You're the best and I love you forever, when you're not with me (through your music) IM DEAD ! My dream is too never leave you ! I LOVE YOU Alexandre M
29 July, 2012
Thank you so much for this fantastic time. We enjoyed the show streamed online on youtube here in Russia. Looking forward ton see you perform in Moscow August 7!
29 July, 2012
(^_^) < thank you M ! )
THANK YOU for coming to the Olympia Madonna. It was very hot on thursday in Paris and we waited a long time but it was DEFINITELY WORTH the wait. We had the BEST TIME EVER. The show was incredible and we never had the opportunity to see you this close. See you soon ! BIG LOVE*** from France
29 July, 2012
Thanks, beautiful M!
Thanks for your wonderful show at the Olympia Madonna!!! And thanks for giving us the opportunity to watch it live streamed. We will always support you and are well aware of your hard work and dedication in giving always the best of you. Don’t forget we love you, and will always stand by your side. <3, Elena
29 July, 2012
Je t'aime
I've seen only yesterday the Olympia show (so many problems with my computer). Many things have said in France about this show, many bad things. My heart bleeds. I wanted to be there but i didn't have enough money to go to see you. I'm so proud to be your fan ! Your speech about tolerance was incerdible ! I've cried. You give me my proud to be french ! French people battled in the past for "liberty, equality, fraternity" like we can read on the pediment of our public buildings, but so many peolple forgot them. I'm so sad and when I see what happens for this show, i'm so ashamed. But never forget Madonna, so many french loves you and more this beautiful show. I'm so happy to hear you sing "Beautiful killer" and the iconic "Je t'aime moi non plus". The most exciting gift you can give to your french fans like me. Maybe one day, you'll sing for us "non, je ne regrette rien" of Edith Piaf. I think this song is for you. I'll never stop to love you : "Je t'aime", never forget it !
28 July, 2012
i was there at olympia
thank you M it was so nice i had one of my best moment with you et je voulais seulement dire que quand c'est bon on en a jamais assez. merci encore pour ce moment a l'olympia landry et christophe hope you will see this message
28 July, 2012
This show was incredible! I can't wait to see you in Warsaw, Mad! LUV!!
27 July, 2012
Thank you!
Loved the show! Thank you for allowing the world to see it! See you in Sept!
27 July, 2012
I saw it today in replay and it was majestic. I wish there was such an offer for Latin American audiences.
27 July, 2012
You 're the Best
Thank you for your Olympia show i saw it on you tube it was just amazing I love the song of Gainsbourg Thank you for everything and in hope to see you again in France.
27 July, 2012
one word : i was here ... MARVELLOUS , MAGICAL, CATHARTIC, long live to you , M !!! love u for ever
27 July, 2012
Great Olympia Intimate Show!!!
I really liked your parisian and intimate show last night at the legendary Olympia theater in beautiful Paris!!! Everything was so special...your excellent and intelligent speech, Beautiful Killer (what a great my favourite of MDNA Album) and the end of the show!!!!!! You are the BEST ARTIST OF HISTORY!!!!!!!!!! Nobody like you knows how to entertain people and how to move your body (let the music take you...EVERYBODY...)!!!!!! You're and will always be my favourite artist in the world!!! I LOVE YOU MADONNA!!!!!!! You are incredible!!!! From your #1 fan in BARCELONA!!!
27 July, 2012
« Remarquable la reprise de "Je t'aime moi non plus". Excellent showcase et discours admirable sur la tolérance.les danseurs brillants.Mémorable soirée,Merci..
27 July, 2012
27 July, 2012
26th of july was my b-day and your show was the best gift I could recieve =D it was an amazing night I saw you on streaming and Ive cried a lot expecially during your speech ...dont care about what french fan did after your are the best and you will be always the best...many kisses for you from Italy -Nadia Mazzoleni _
27 July, 2012
I'm watched on the youtube. Everything was perfect. Great performance = Je T'aime. :)Thanks for the show... We are waiting you to Istanbul again. :)
27 July, 2012
super moment !!!!quel énergie et don de soi!!!Tellement frustrée d'avoir du suivre ce show sur internet.Très beau discours aussi...que du bon!!!
27 July, 2012
I saw it!!
To watch it or not ,it was a question before my celebration on 1 August in Warsaw . [:))] But I have to see Mad and it was amazing!! To see You in Poland soon!!!
26 July, 2012
Madonna is sooo AWESOME!!! She has been around since the early 80's and keeps getting better and more AMAZING!!!She is the true QUEEN OF POP!!!! Glad i could watch the Paris performance even though I wasn't there I felt like I was. what an AMAZING feeling!!!
26 July, 2012
absolutely wonderful treat :), thank you x
26 July, 2012
despite the streaming technical glitches, M you are rocking Paris tonight,I LOVED Je Taime and I am going to explode having just watched Beautiful Killer. so wish i was there. LUV YOU. XxX
26 July, 2012
Thanks for the show, it was amazing. Helsinki is getting ready for YOU!
26 July, 2012
Just Amazing"!
The Show Was Just Great"! LUV You baby""
26 July, 2012
Superb Madonna party!
Superstar Madonna ,her family ,crew and every fan :have a superfantastic and magical evening around the world! This gig will be supercool and all of her fans will remember this moment forever.Thank you ,we luv you M!
26 July, 2012
Bonjour Madge!-Rock It Hard!
This is going to be a landmark performance! Rock It, Madge!
26 July, 2012
WHAT A TREAT!!!!!!!!!!!
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