Madonna Special Press Conference Today

February 02, 2012
Madonna is to attend a special press conference at 2pm EST today, which will air live on the NFL Network. Get ready for some exciting news!

February 02, 2012 posted by dannydiess
So excited to see your performance on super-bowl Sunday.
February 02, 2012 posted by elicausi
...Tour Dates
I was hoping the special news revealed the long awaited Tour dates. I'll have to keep waiting (impatiently)!
February 02, 2012 posted by butch1977
For once i'm excited about the superbowl! viva madonna!
February 02, 2012 posted by m4d0nn4
There will be no wardrobe malfunctions
Just watched the video via Facebook I was hoping for some exclusive tour news,or have I missed something was great to watch tho and looked stunning as ever! M should do Superbowl Sunday every year!
February 02, 2012 posted by LaIslaMaria
NFL Press Conference
Thanks for the heads up-most enjoyable morning-gotta get outta my bathrobe now ! MADONNA please don't be nervous-you will do just fine !! good luck xoxoxox
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