Madonna to launch Band Aid 20 single

November 15, 2004
Madonna has lent her support to the new version of the Band Aid single Do They Know it's Christmas? by recording an introduction to accompany the video premiere on UK TV.
 Although Madonna did not take part in the new recording, it is understood that Sir Bob Geldof telephoned Madonna on Thursday as she made her way to the UK Music Hall of Fame ceremony to ask her to record an introduction to the video, Madonna is said to have agreed immediately.
 The video will premiere simultaneously on all five UK TV channels at 5.55pm on Thursday 18 November.

 Madonna's full introduction:
'Twenty years ago I performed at Live Aid,' she will tell viewers. 'You saw me and my generation demanding a change.'
 'Once again, here we are 20 years later and more people die of hunger in Africa than war and Aids put together.'
 'In a world of plenty, it is hard to imagine that there are African children going to bed tonight hungry.'
 'Bob Geldof and his friends are here to remind you that none of us can forget. Not ever. Feed the world. I am honoured to introduce Band Aid 20.

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