Madonna Visits Malawi

April 03, 2013
Madonna arrived in Malawi on Monday to visit the ten new schools that were constructed by Raising Malawi in partnership with buildOn. The schools are currently educating 4,800 students per year, with more projects in the works.

For more information please visit Raising Malawi and buildOn
April 05, 2013 posted by LaIslaMaria
Raising Malawi
it is very inspiring seeing the photos of you with the children-your hard work payed off big time-keep up the good work !!
April 04, 2013 posted by Ashleepedro
Madonna, My name is Ashlee Harrell. I am from South Carolina. I was bitten by a poisonous snake in late June of 2011. After over a year of surgery and rehab I kept my foot thank God, because I love dancing. After recovery from that I was diagnosed with Cancer. I have tried to keep my chin up, a smile on my face and your songs on my player. You inspire me in so many ways and you have no clue. You are my best medicine. Your music and lyrics move me in so many ways. I didnt think you could ever top how you have touched my life with song. What you are doing is absolutely amazing. You are giving these Children a chance that they may never would have gotten otherwise. You are a Dive, an Icon and mostly a hero to so many. Keep up the great work and God Bless all that you are and do. Sincerely, Ashlee Harrell
April 04, 2013 posted by madgvlas
not only a gueen for showbiz,but angel for people who needs help!!!!a real madonna!!!!respect!
April 04, 2013 posted by miamimadonna
The Queen is generous!
I'm proud of you Madonna! Helping those in need makes you a better person. I didn't know this schools project was so big...Keep up the good work!! Congratulations Madonna for what you do for a better education in the world!! Love you always!!
April 03, 2013 posted by VicB
April 03, 2013 posted by Antara
Madonna Visits Malawi
Thanks goes out to Madonna for the help in having the students get an education.
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