Madonna's Last Visit To Malawi

August 10, 2016

As you know, Madonna and her family spent time in Malawi a few weeks ago. Besides soccer games with the children of Malawi and visiting their friends from I AM BECAUSE WE ARE, Madonna was able to spend time at the new pediatric hospital that she is building with Raising Malawi. It will be the country’s first and only pediatric surgery and intensive care unit. The facility is scheduled to open early 2017. Visit this page now for photos of the evolution of the construction:

During her trip, Madonna also met with His Excellency President Peter Muthrika to discuss girls' education and the pediatric surgery project and spent time at the Home of Hope orphanage. Check out Raising Malawi’s Instagram for some great photos!

For more information on the organization’s work or to support it, go to and stay tuned to in the new few weeks for exciting news on how you can be involved in opening this amazing new hospital!

August 10, 2016 posted by twistedmarco
Let's make our voice heard !
I am confident my fellow legacy members will support this project in a timely and generous fashion.
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