Madonna's Re - Invention Tour Hits Europe

August 12, 2004
The European leg of Madonna's Re - Invention Tour is now just a few hours away. The Material girl's first European gig will take place in Manchester this Saturday. If you are still looking for a pair of tickets, good luck as most of the shows are now sold out! Thanks to her talent and popularity in Europe, a new Madonna concert is always a major event over there, challenging any other local act. English and French press seem to be highly seduced by this new Madonna tour and publish new articles and photos taken from her American venues almost every day! Madonna is also featured on the cover of many European magazines this month, including the french 'Vogue Paris', belgian "Focus",etc. The undisputed queen of pop is now on the road again, visiting 6 major cities, including Manchester, London, Dublin, Paris, Arnheim and Lisbon. This last venue is probably the most talked about event of the year in Portugal as thousands of fans fought to have Madonna visiting their country for the very first time in 20 years! Madonna and her tour's technical and production crews arrived in Manchester last week and are now ready to offer European fans a show they'll probably never forget. Are you ready Europe? You now know where's the party...!

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