Madonna's Statement Following Her Detroit Visit

June 04, 2014
Madonna visited Detroit yesterday in an effort to participate in the rebuilding of the city and to connect with her hometown.

During her visit, she spent time at the Detroit Achievement Academy - a public charter primary school, Ponyride - a social impact incubator, the Heidelberg Project, the Downtown Youth Boxing Gym and the Dime Music School. She released the following statement following her visit:

'Many people doubt that Detroit can come back and think that the challenges are too overwhelming to overcome. But what I witnessed today is the true story of Detroit - a city of innovation, commitment, perseverance, imagination and opportunity. The entrepreneurs, artists, activists, teachers and children I met today left me incredibly inspired. I appreciated every minute of it and look forward to helping make the future of Detroit brighter.
July 03, 2014 posted by Sirjono
I always understood why she helped girls in other countries. I am so happy she is looking back to her state. She is proud to be from Michigan.
June 16, 2014 posted by LaIslaMaria
theres no place like home-excellent !! your visit to detroit madonna will encourage the people & give hope, like an angel arriving to spread love ! and you found a new soul mate, a beautiful horse-you deserve all the best always.
June 12, 2014 posted by rabbitbunny
Detroit Trip
Madonna-Keep Shining my Ray of Light Masterpiece! May you always and forever Live to Tell-OXO. Rabbitbunny!
June 05, 2014 posted by rayofl98
Long Live The Queen!
I am never surprised to hear of Madonna's ongoing humanitarian work because I have been a fan long enough to know that she has a great heart to do great things. Long Live The Queen!
June 05, 2014 posted by Antara
Madonna/ Detroit Visit
Madonna helps and encourages all people; in addition to her acting and singing ability.
June 04, 2014 posted by jasonjreyno
Detroit Thanks u!
Madonna, Thank you for all your community involvement. I was a former neighbor of yours in the Rochester, MI area. I was born in Downtown Detroit and moved back there in an effort to gentrify the city and help "bring it back" before moving to NYC in 2000. My family and heart are still home in Detroit and I visit when I can. Detroiters have much to be proud of. We have given the world many talented celebrities, artists, engineers, and volunteers. We must never forget our roots,and kind people that call Detroit home. Thank you Madonna!
June 04, 2014 posted by kevindass
So uplifting !!!!!
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