MDNA World Tour To Be Released In Multiple Formats September 10th

August 08, 2013
Madonna's MDNA World Tour concert film will be released September 10th on DVD, Blu-ray and as a digital album on Live Nation and Interscope Records.

Directed by Danny B. Tull and Stephane Sennour and produced by Madonna, the two hour nonstop performance includes songs from Madonna's MDNA album such as "Girl Gone Wild" and "Gang Bang," as well as fan favorites including exhilarating versions of "Hung Up," "Express Yourself," "Vogue," "Open Your Heart," "Like A Prayer" and "Celebration."

Pre-order the DVD and Blu-Ray now!


Virgin Mary (Intro)
Girl Gone Wild
Gang Bang
Papa Don't Preach
Hung Up
I Don't Give A
Best Friend (Video Interlude)
Express Yourself
Give me all you Luvin'
Turn up the Radio
Open Your Heart / Sagarra Jo
Justify my Love (Video Interlude)
Erotic Candy Shop
Human Nature
Like a Virgin Waltz
Love Spent
Nobody Knows Me (Video Interlude)
I'm Addicted
I'm a Sinner
Like a Prayer

And a behind-the-scenes look at the MDNA workshop that started the tour.
September 30, 2013 posted by alexmadonnaa
Hiii,i just want to know why MDNA DVD did not come in Croatia,only 2 CD-s not DVD....I asked in all cd shops and i checked everything,but nothing,everytime i ask when it's gonna come,everybody says that is here just have to release in the stores?! WTF???I mean at the moment i can't order on the internet bec i don't have any card at the moment,cash only(lol)it's not funny tho but it's not fer either.....I know that ppl in Croatia are tellin crap and lies and i just don't trust them....That's why i asking here......Is ist coming in Croatia or not....please answer me....Thank you so much.....Love you Madonna xoxo Alexandra <3 <3 <3
September 02, 2013 posted by Alofong1
Crazy for you
I am deseperately waiting for this new DVD!!! I love you Madona...
August 30, 2013 posted by pretslow
Not 3D BluRay??? So happy and waiting for it in Brazil!!! Come over me!!! Muito feliz e esperando ansiosamente pelo DVD aqui no Brasil. Pena que não tem em 3D BluRay...
August 29, 2013 posted by m4d0nn4
What will the "Deluxe" version have different to the other formats?
August 24, 2013 posted by sdolla92
Where is the region 2 edition?!
I love this tour so much, i had the time of my life in Hyde park, and I cant wait to buy this blu-ray... but on there is only the region 1 edition, so i cannot purchase it because it doesnt work on european dvd players.. WHEN WILL THIS CHANGE?! I WANT TO PREORDER!!!
August 17, 2013 posted by
Happy birthday!!!!
Is it going to be released on CD too?
August 16, 2013 posted by Garlando
so looking forward to the release, and to top it even more it hits the shelf to days before my b-day!!!:D
August 16, 2013 posted by bubbadog
What about UK?
When is the DVD being released in the UK? As nothing is coming up on Amazon for UK sale. Can we have a date so I can be ready to buy the DVD!
August 16, 2013 posted by veronica_luv
Happy Birthday
Madonaaaaaaaaa!!!! Happy Birthday to you!! I love you so much and i wish you happiness, health,all good for you!! And come back soon to Brazil!! When will we have new songs? Kisses with all my heart!
August 16, 2013 posted by NUKARI
August 16, 2013 posted by adrianbruni56
Happy Birthday !!!!!
I can´t wait MDNA tour dvd!!!. Happy birthday, your Majesty!!!
August 15, 2013 posted by Antoxa
August 13, 2013 posted by
What a gift for my birthday that day. Love it!!
August 13, 2013 posted by gaylover
Pourquoi programmé le 26/08, et maintenant le 09/09? On l'attend déjà depuis si longtemps... Merci d'avoir enfin pensé à sortir un double cd live du concert... Allez, patientons... LUV MaDoNnA ;-)
August 12, 2013 posted by Antara
MDNA Tour Release
I think both DVD and CD will be available on the release date...Does any one have more information..
August 12, 2013 posted by nothy
<3 <3 <3
<3 <3 <3
August 11, 2013 posted by alexmadonnaa
I am watching MDNA SHOW on Epix can't wait to buy it,but i am in Croatia for a while,so dono if there's here DVD released and where can i buy it.....But if not here,when i come home in London probably will wait for me xxx
August 11, 2013 posted by Ricar
Could be better...
I like the new cover, but some fans, including me, had many better ideas than that. However, this could be better for sales. On the other hand, I´m worried because it does not say anything about the CD or double CD, and I´m waiting this as much as the DVD. I hate this waiting.
August 11, 2013 posted by michael298
So Excited!!
Have been waiting for this DVD for a long time now. I am so happy its finally getting released. I am even more happy that their will be a CD available too!!! Thank you MADONNA! Also, i quite like the cover. It's different
August 10, 2013 posted by
And the CD?
I'm so glad, but what about the live CD???? I don't think fans are interested in a digital live album.
August 10, 2013 posted by VicB
August 10, 2013 posted by lesserpumo
mdna tour
i love madonna but...why this cover...? madonna i dont like this cover
August 10, 2013 posted by jordivigar
I'm happy to have the DVD. But any fanmade cover is a thousand times better than this five year old design...
August 09, 2013 posted by rayofl98
Madonna, you are amazing. Have already ordered your MDNA DVD from Amazon. Can't wait for it to arrive! Keep being amazing and keep being the QUEEN of the dance floor!
August 09, 2013 posted by kokittto
I don't like this last dvd-blu ray cover. The first cover was really cool. AND WHAT ABOUT AN SPECIAL BLU RAY-CD EDITION? OR A COLLECTOR'S EDITION? The fans will love it. MADONNA YOU ARE SO COOL!. AND YOUR PRODUCTS DESERVE THE BEST QUALITY IN ALL, QUEEN OF POP.
August 09, 2013 posted by rdean
So judging from the press release, it is starting to sound like the dvd and blu-ray will be packaged alone and the audio album will be available separately in a digital format (like itunes?). Is that the impression everybody else has too? I just want to make sure I don't pre-order the wrong thing. CAN'T WAIT!!
August 09, 2013 posted by LaIslaMaria
official thank you
the news from you i have been waiting to hear-made my friday a happy day !!!
August 09, 2013 posted by rabbitbunny
MDNA Tour-Brilliant Artwork
Hop Madonna! I Can't Wait! I Cried at Verizon Center on 9/24/12! You were brilliant. Turn Up the Radio, Masterpiece, Open Your Heart and Like a Virgin will always be the Highlights! I Cried in Sad and Happy Tears! You Are a Human Angel to me! Keep Shining Bright my MDNA Ray of Light!-Rabbitbunny Leopold from Outside of Baltimore! Love you Queen Madonna! Hop!
August 09, 2013 posted by miamimadonna
Oh my God, the long wait was worth...Thank you my dear Madonna to release your magnificent tour and thank you for filming it in beloved Miami, the best city in the world for me!!!!!! I can't wait for september 10!! I already ordered the blu-ray and the double CD through Amazon France and I have the luckyness to live currently in Paris!!! Will you please release also your super and intimate concert at Olympia Hall in Paris? Please please do it so, I'd really like to have it also in original and official support, and I think lots of fans around the globe would buy it!!!!! Lots of love as always from beautiful Paris from your #1 fan in Spain. LOVE YOU FOREVER MY QUEEN!!!!!!!
August 09, 2013 posted by bobcgn
But what about Europe , nothing at Amazon Germany
August 08, 2013 posted by Luanzito
In my opinion, the font / logo cover is unrelated.
August 08, 2013 posted by xpdri
Great!!! I'm waiting so anxious with a certain this DVD will be so wonderful, so fantastic how all You (Madge)'s certain September, 10th I will be in front of some store for I buy it... I LOVE YOU MADGE...
August 08, 2013 posted by arshia
Pre Order
The Album is on sale on both and but not please do the presale in the UK ASAP tnx, and is there any footage of london hyde park? i musta been filmed!
August 08, 2013 posted by Adam74
Love the cover and love the MDNA Tour!
August 08, 2013 posted by alanblanco
don't like this cover :c
ohh Madonna why?? i saw fanmade better than that :(
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