Photos from Raising Malawi

July 02, 2012
Check out these inspiring photos of schools Madonna is building in Malawi with buildOn on Raising Malawi's Facebook Page:
July 11, 2012 posted by julssweden
Such a big heart! Keep on going and may God bless you more!!!
July 11, 2012 posted by Olief
Education is the foundation of all! Don´t give up!! Thans
July 07, 2012 posted by nil_aycan
You're the queen of HEARTS, Madonna. I'm really happy for that children.. All the works that you've done is incredible, stunning.. Malawi loves you, your fans love you..
July 06, 2012 posted by jms0816
For what we have left undone
Some may talk the talk but you walk the walk. What an inspiration you are. P.S. absolutely adored W.E. I laughed. I cryed. I related. All I can say is thank you for doing what you do. You're a bad ass. This day in age there are few who invoke change. So few who inspire. So few who take the risk. You are so many wonderful things. God has truly blessed us with exsistence.
July 04, 2012 posted by AndersonR
I'm happy to see my queen keep on fighting for Malawi! We love you Madonna!!!
July 04, 2012 posted by cedritos
It's amazing what this girl can do. Love your work and your endeavours for offering a better quality of life for those in need. All the luvin' 4 U. See you in Medellín.
July 04, 2012 posted by djstephenv
July 03, 2012 posted by Kristo4Ishtar
I'm glad to see you keep on working and fighting for Malawi. I am proud of you and wish you luck in love, security and joy. See you in Belgium! Greetz, angel
July 03, 2012 posted by ayu
So happy to finally hear that this amazing project is becoming a huge reality"! Great Luck Baby"! Congrats my Queen"!
July 02, 2012 posted by Rodeo
Heart's Queen!!!
That's Really Awesome And Humble At The Same Time. Being The Best Female Singer Ever And Also Take Time To Share With These Children...Priceless. That's My Only And True QUEEN.
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