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September 04, 2013
The MDNA World Tour will be released next week. Pre-order your favorite format now!

Deluxe edition (DVD + 2 CD)



2 CD

September 19, 2013 posted by miguelojea
BluRay edition
I wanted to leave my opinion on the edition of BluRay The MDNA tour. A pity that the image has such poor quality, and add, that editing several different concerts errors could be improved, as the costumes Madonna Turn Up The Radio, in which he appears with and without jacket alternating throughout the song. I remain faithful to Madonna, but these errors disfigure the magnificence that was The MDNA Tour. I hope you take note for future work, she knows how make it better. Thank you and all my love to Madonna
September 18, 2013 posted by silvioandresroman
I´m so sad...the blu-ray edition is horrible!!!!! great show of the queen, bad video edition, bad sound edition!!!! :(
September 15, 2013 posted by rayofl98
MDNA Tour is Spectacular!!
Madonna: I just recently received my copy of the MDNA tour. Spectacular!! Great show! Two of my favorite songs were Masterpiece and Like a Virgin waltz (which was beautiful). And I liked the part when you said it doesn't matter what people call us or we call ourselves what matters is what's on the inside, that if we want peace we should start by respecting the person standing next to us. God bless you, M!
September 10, 2013 posted by alvarosalgado
Bad sound quality
Just bought the iTunes MDNA Tour album. The sound quality is really bad in some tracks. GGW, for instance, was a downer. The crowd noise is too loud, the instruments too low, and her voice awkward. Disappointed.
September 09, 2013 posted by mahashanty
I can hardly wait to see your concert of MDNA tour on dvd!!! Maybe next concert world tour you come to finally visit Croatia?!? We Love You all! You miss us, THE QUEEN OF MUSIC & ART.
September 08, 2013 posted by
will be available on itunes?
will be available on itunes?
September 07, 2013 posted by Samripr
MDNA - Blue Ray
There is one word that will define the quality of MDNA - BLUE RAY EDITION = HORRIBLE!!! Who's fault it's it? Someone needs to be fire and right away. A great show... because it was but a horrible video editing, quality and sound! Not happy with Madonna's Management and Live Nation! I've seen complaints for this issue today all over Europe and I was praying it was only the European production... but got my copy today and I'm so disappointed.
September 07, 2013 posted by madonnaboyfriend17
Best Wishes of Much Success with the Sales. Regards, -mv.
September 06, 2013 posted by ncbiychris
I would just like to know if the DVD/CD set is going to be available as a set in the USA.
September 05, 2013 posted by VicB
September 05, 2013 posted by soler2212
I'm one of your Triangle Bitches!
I love you! <3
September 04, 2013 posted by Antara
MDNA World Tour Format
This is a powerful Tour, seen by its revenue...The price is reasonable in purchasing this item...I wish once again, Madonna's success in this new sale of the MDNA finally to be bought by her fans and ICONers.
September 04, 2013 posted by mickeksson
My favourite format? Ill buy them ALL! :)
September 04, 2013 posted by LaIslaMaria
time to go shopping-thanks ICON !!!!!
September 04, 2013 posted by michael298
Madonna - MDNA tour was the best tour ever!! apart from Blond Ambition <3 I have them on pre-order waiting for them to arrive. Also the Secret project is looking fantastic, can't wait for the release.
September 04, 2013 posted by desperatemadonna611
I want on Laserdisc,VHS,vinyl,cassette LOL ;) Why could not release a combo edition: Blu-ray+DVD+2CD ? :)
September 04, 2013 posted by xpdri
So anxious....
September 04, 2013 posted by Anauribec
Can't wait!!
I already ordered mine!!!! Deluxe edition!! Can't wait !! We miss you in Colombia queen!!!👑👑
September 04, 2013 posted by adnilton
MDNA Tour Rules!!!
I've already order my favorite format: I mean, all of them!! Is it look like a nonsense? No!! I call it LOVE!!!
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