#secretprojectrevolution - Los Angeles

September 22, 2013
Los Angeles - September 23
Where will you be?

1) 9PM - Hillhurst Ave
2) 10PM - 6060 Wilshire Blvd
3) 11PM - 652 N La Peer Dr
4) Midnight - 1855 Main St


#secretprojectrevolution #artforfreedom
September 24, 2013 posted by OmarDiJou
Hillhurst Showing
GREAT JOB! Madonna! You have inspired me to become more of a humanitarian, you constantly push the envelope and you are a true fierce fighter. I respect you and the work that you do. I AM WITH YOU!
September 22, 2013 posted by Antara
Madonna in L.A.
I'm happy for your success wherever you go to entertain...I wait for your next tour date..
September 22, 2013 posted by markdelfin
I'll Be There at 9:00 PM at Hillhsurst!!
OMG! This is actually happening!! I'm so excited ad can't wait to be there!!!!
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