Soundcheck & Fan Photos From Tallinn

August 04, 2009
Make sure to visit the MEDIA section of the site now for a great selection of photos taken by Guy Oseary in Tallinn early today!
September 01, 2009 posted by MarekP
Concert was "De Luxe !!!"
Nice to see Madonna in real. It has been a dream come true. Hope to see again :) Would like to see more "classical" Madonna as well. Anyway, Madonna is super !
August 30, 2009 posted by greethel
It was great, thank you MADONNA!!!
August 14, 2009 posted by lightbreath
Thank You!
Thank You, Madonna. Concert in Tallinn was the greatest sermon for me. It was numinous. Yours very truly.
August 10, 2009 posted by Hum4el
The Best...
The Best concert in my life,thanks Madonna!Yeah!!!
August 07, 2009 posted by ninosweet
greats pictures¡¡¡¡¡
Lhe pictures from st.petersburg are amaizing.... nino form barquisimeto venezuela
August 07, 2009 posted by JROgle
Madonna yoy was super!!! Your's fans in Talline love you!!!
August 07, 2009 posted by
great!!!! so many people????
August 06, 2009 posted by reti_maria
Show in Tallinn
Thank you thank you thank you so much, Madonna!!! I will never forget this evening in Tallinn , you gave me so much positive energy! I love you M, forever!!
August 06, 2009 posted by akalk
I was there with my 6y old daughter and wife and we all liked the show very much. This was biggest pop music event in Estonia to date. The show itself beat all the previous events seen in Estonia- M.Jackson, Rolling Stones, Tina Turner and etc. Madonna itself- in unbelivable shape!!! I belive she goes on for years!!! GREAT!!!
August 05, 2009 posted by dancerinthedark
Feedback from TLN
Thank you, dear Madonna, for the most exhilarating concert experience of my life! It was something I'd been waiting for and dreaming of for years. I had extra high expactations, yet you surmounted even the craziest of them. I'm so overwhelmed, even now, 24hrs later. My most sincere gratitude to you :)
August 05, 2009 posted by mandyman
Soundcheck & Fan Photos From Tallinn
Amazing Photos and by the way:great tattoos those Madonna tattoos.I think I want to take a Madonna Tattoo too.I'm thrilled because tomorrow I'll see Madonna in Helsinki...OH MY GOD,I'm so happy that I could scream!Luv u M 4-ever!
August 05, 2009 posted by Kessykas
I was there
Thank U Madonna for the concert in Tallinn!
August 05, 2009 posted by
It was great and She made me happy! Madonna is power!
August 05, 2009 posted by michelsuccess
I wish I were there... awesome... cheers Madge!
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