Time to 'Turn Up The Radio'!

July 16, 2012
The full 'Turn Up The Radio' video has just premiered on Madonna's VEVO channel. Check it out!
August 18, 2012 posted by Anauribec
Pick me up!
Love the video and the funs following u¡
July 20, 2012 posted by rabbitbunny
Turn Up the Radio-One of Rab's M Faves!
Hop Madge! Turn Up the Radio is one of your best rockers! Keep Flashing that guitar Maddy and crank that Les Paul Up! Madonna, Namaste! Rock On M! In the Evidence of Your Metal/Rock Brilliance! Detroit Forever!
July 19, 2012 posted by AllaneZ
I love the video!! Madonna, you are the best!! I love the driver btw, so HOT :*
July 19, 2012 posted by MattCiconne2
keep the beat
To Madonna, i can't wait to see ya'... your video is soooooo HOT! its boiling. i love your music. Turn up and keep the beat up and running. you re #1
July 19, 2012 posted by mandyman
Madonna is totally hot!
Absolutely luv this playful video ,it's perfect video for summer and Madonna ,you always look so stunning and sexy(you shine like a brightest light). Can't wait for the turn up the radio remixes!
July 19, 2012 posted by lavande
You just do it again
Great song i love it and i hope to listing it a lot on the radio in the netherlands.
July 19, 2012 posted by mergirl
Very SEXY !!!!
Hoah !!!!!
July 17, 2012 posted by ayu
LUV 4 Turn Up The Radio"! <3 <3 <3
U Look Beautiful And Sexy Madge"! And Yeah, not afraid 2 say that Adrien Is very sexy 2" Can't Stop Watching"!
July 17, 2012 posted by AndrewHecker
Turn Up The Radio
The QUEEN has done it again! Looks beautiful, great song and stunning video! Love you Madonna!
July 17, 2012 posted by ab1979
Until the speakers blow!!!!
Love It ! queen madge does it again!
July 16, 2012 posted by vekepeeters
Turn it up!!
Love TUTR! A feel-good and fun song! Makes me smile and happy! Letting everything GO! Madonna looks FAB in the video!!! Stunning! LUV M 4EVER!
July 16, 2012 posted by Cheko04
Queen of the pop
Madonna is fantastic and the video Turn up the radio is a very good song of MDNA.
July 16, 2012 posted by florcba
at last 'Turn Up The Radio' video!!!
excellent!!!madonna looks very beautiful!!
July 16, 2012 posted by stefano_maraucci
She looks sexy
Madonna is very sensual in this picture. She is at her very best. Maddy you' re the N°1! I love you, Stefano
July 16, 2012 posted by MQ
Amazing song and amazing video...Go on this way my QUEEN...
July 16, 2012 posted by pan_para
Turn up the radio video
She looks better than ever and she seems to be enjoying the video making a lot. Italy definitely makes our Queen fell great !
July 16, 2012 posted by whosatmydoor
Beautiful :)
Beautiful and fun... Madonna looks beautiful..Just stunning!
July 16, 2012 posted by cerenordu
Turn Up The Radio
Magnificent! Great video and song. L.U.V Madonna! The Queen of Pop forever!
July 16, 2012 posted by williewanker
She looks better than ever!!
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