Wish Madonna A Happy Birthday!

August 16, 2013
Today is Madonna's Birthday! Wanna send her your own Birthday note? Make sure to leave it as a comment to this post so Madonna can read them all!

Happy Madonna Day to you all and Happy Birthday to our Queen!
August 16, 2018 posted by tat2dblucollar
Happy Birthday
Happy 60 th Birthday Madonna!! Thank you for so many years of music, style , fashion and charity and standing up against whats wrong. Also thank you for the soundtrack to my life. Love James
July 18, 2018 posted by Ballyhoo
Happy birthday to a Super Wonderful talented Woman that conquers everything and I truly hope you have a beautiful day and get spoilt with your Beautiful a Family! You deserve every happiness and you are a wonderful Mother!x
August 16, 2017 posted by divadivo
The Happiest of Birthdays To You!
Wishing you all the best life has to offer! I hope this new year will bring you as much happiness, joy and love as you bring to us all! Happy Birthday Madonna!
August 16, 2016 posted by Paul_Clayton
Happy Birthday
Many Happy Returns sweet lady!
October 03, 2013 posted by lumb1
sorry if i offended
i can see that i will never get my comments put on here. i feel very vilified indeed that this is allowed to happen, i respect and i suppose admire madonna for staying so relevent. i know what is is like to be bullied i was for 6 years at school. so i appologise for being alive & for coming on this site. And if ive offend anyone else in the process. love to Madonna from my heart. if i can say that?
October 01, 2013 posted by lumb1
my comment
i wanted to leave a comment but i clearly wasn't allowed to.
September 14, 2013 posted by
The moon never get her sun
From someone that follows you by a log time, in the dark side of the moon.Happy birthday... Sorry for the delay... Love forever. Lucius Rome
September 09, 2013 posted by aliciabrewer106
happy belated b day Madgestic!
Friday nites I do karaoke at a drop in center I hang out in Montpelier, VT called Another Way...I usually do at least one or two of my songs as one of yours, but you can be sure I sang a Madonna song on your birthday which fell on a Friday!
September 09, 2013 posted by acclarke9
Happy Birthday.
You are fabulous. Happy Birthday. Keep rockin' and rollin'. You are still the queen with unforgettable lyrics and music that drives the soul and heart. I wish you all the best, and that you continue being the shining light that you are. I've been listening to you since the 80's, and there is no one else that does what you do. Every album is memorable, and has lyrics that make you think as well as get down and boogie. Take care, Madonna. Continued well wishes for you and your family. I would be happy to see you in concert one day. Keep selling the 50's. Bye for now.
August 26, 2013 posted by Nramos
There's only one Queen and that's Madonn
Nothing more to say that I really love you!!! I was there: The Girlie Show in Brazil and MDNA Tour Toronto CA, in the Golden Triangle (my sister was there with me, she cames from Brazil to visit me and it was her birthday. Girl!!! You rocks! You got the POWER!!! soooo beautiful and f*c*ing sexy!!!! We all love ya!!! Cheers, sweetie!!
August 25, 2013 posted by jlbarnes
Happy Birthday
Hello Madonna, Happy Birthday! :)I hope you have a refreshing and relaxing day. Have fun! :) Love you always (since 1984), Jodi Barnes
August 25, 2013 posted by Kaiyadonna
Happy belated Birthday to the most inspiring woman. Your work is fascinating and I'll admire you until forever and a day. From your youngest fan I suppose, who traveled halfway across the world to see you perform! Love, Kaiya.
August 23, 2013 posted by
Happy Happy
Hey Girl whirl was at the St Louis show. F#^*KIng great show. Come back soon. I'm your face book buddy also. Inspired artist. Roland
August 22, 2013 posted by bond007
Never too late to wish a Happy Birthday
Friday, August 16. I can't write a comment here. But I wish say to my Madonna, today, August 22: Happy Birthday.You'll be very happy. Kisses. Here you have a friend :-)
August 21, 2013 posted by samuelcwolf
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Your so sexy
August 21, 2013 posted by Saulo1984
Meus parabéns atrasado. Beijos.
August 21, 2013 posted by suzy
Happy Bday Madonna
August 20, 2013 posted by angel080167
Happy belated birthday
Madonna I want to wish you a happy belated Birthday. sorry I'm late , it has been a crazy week. anyway I hope you had a great day, You deserve all the best.I want to thank you for giving me 30 years of pure joy. If it wasn't for you in the 80's I would be Dead....Love you with all my heart.....Long live the Queen of Pop!!!!!! Love Dean
August 20, 2013 posted by salim1991
Happy Birthday
Madonna I love you you`re the best my queen!!
August 20, 2013 posted by Antoxa
August 19, 2013 posted by moises
Joyeux Anniversaire!! Happy B-day!!
I sent a message back on Aug 16th, but since everybody loves you, mine was missed!! But I am here :) Wishing you all the best, I saw you had a lovely birthday and that makes me happy!! Love is all around you, you deserve it. Keep srong and never change, you are unique and a true inspiration for many of us. LOVE YOU!!! Thanks for everything :) Moises (Mex - Can)
August 19, 2013 posted by fafabip
Dear M, sorry for late, happy birthday. Have a good time in France. Kisses from a frenchy fan.
August 19, 2013 posted by ptr
A little late but....
best wishes and that you and your music will be with us for ever! Hugs Peter
August 19, 2013 posted by rabbitbunny
Madonna-My Inspiration!
Happy birthday, my brilliant Lady Madonna! You are a beautiful Queen, Lady and Evita! You bring joy in my life because your songs are beautiful. May you always Live to Tell and Take a Bow! You are a Ray of Light in my life because you're truly Like a Prayer. I will always Cherish you because Music makes the people come together! I LOVE YOU!-Rabbitbunny from outside of Baltimore. Peace!-Shanti!
August 19, 2013 posted by jorbet
Happy B'day!!!
Hope you spent that amazing day in the way you deserved it!!!!
August 19, 2013 posted by gamzsu
So glad you were born
Happy birthday Madonna!! So glad you came into this world and changed so many lives....you have been an inspiration to me since my teens and many many others....looking forward to being your biggest fan for the next 55...
August 18, 2013 posted by pishpose
Happy birthday Madonna
Happy birthday Madonna Love Carol & Banjo. Australia. xx
August 18, 2013 posted by bohdankod
Beppy Herthday :D
Dear Madonna! Happy Birthday!!! I wish you all the best! Thank you for all! You're the best! Love, Bogdan, 14 years old, Kiev :)
August 18, 2013 posted by stephenshum
Come to HONG KONG next Tour Lol & Happy Bday 55
August 18, 2013 posted by teamociccone
August 18, 2013 posted by
August 18, 2013 posted by dyegomanner
Delayed, but full of love...
Madonna, two days after your birthday, I'm here to tell you what I wanted to say not just two days ago, not just today, but what I ever desire to you: health, peace and love of those who are by your side, because the love of your fans who are away (and I am one of them) you will always have. I Love you so much. Thank you for everything. With love, Diego, from Brazil.
August 18, 2013 posted by Dolores
August 18, 2013 posted by lohitzun
From France
Happy Birthday MADONNA, 100000 KISS for YOU. Et une bise a tous tes enfants. Bonne rentée, je suis très excité sur le #secret projet Encore bon anniversaire du Pays basque. @ohitzun
August 18, 2013 posted by mreitzer
Long live the Queen
Thanks for giving me so much. Luv you
August 18, 2013 posted by Dolores
August 18, 2013 posted by 94jump
Happy Birthday my Queen!!!
Happy Birthday Madonna!! You are my lucky star, you are my everything.. Thank you for everything you've done for me, thank you for being who you are and for being the soundtrack of my life.. Thank you for making the world a better place! This is your day and all I want is to wish you all the best cause you deserve all the best!! Have an amazing time with people you love.. Wish you all the love in the world!! With much love, Ilaria
August 17, 2013 posted by shanejeff
Happy Birthday!
I hope you had an amazing day! You gave me the greatest gift last year when I won golden triangle tickets to your Vancouver show by showing my Ray of Light tattoo! U know I'll always be givin' you all my lovin'! Happy Bday M Luv Shane Jeffrey
August 17, 2013 posted by
Happy Birthday
Best wishes always. Waiting for the next tour...
August 17, 2013 posted by ajkozak3
Hey Lady
Just want to take this time and wish you a very Happy Birthday. I've been a fan for many years and I'm still enjoying your music. Have yourself a great day.
August 17, 2013 posted by PerryLang
Happy Belated my Love
Happy Birthday Madonna! I'm sorry I'm late, but I did think of you many times throughout the day, your day. I just dig you alot! You make me get off my skinny ass and dance. I wear all my MDNA teeshirts and need some new ones. Was your birthday full of fun, grace and beauty? I know you probably spent the happiest day with your kids. Many more my lady and I will look so forward to your DVD, and your next musical creations.
August 17, 2013 posted by jovey
Happy Birthday!
Dear Madonna, I hope you had a wonderful birthday full of peace, love and relaxation. I also wanted to thank you for one of most amazing experiences I have ever had in the Golden Triangle at the Houston show. You lived in excellence on that stage and I am very grateful.
August 17, 2013 posted by jphoenix3x
Happy B-Day My Love!
I totes did not forget you my Queen! I sent you a message on Instagram and changed my profile pic and cover photo on FB in honor of you. I also posted on my timeline Happy Birthday Madonna! Everyone knows what a fanatic I am... As if you couldn't already tell. You have been my inspiration since I was a wee little one and I love how you have always been with me throughout my life every step of the way. My heart melted during Reinvention when you dedicated Crazy For You to all your fans that have been with you since day 1. Thank you for always remembering us. I wish you many blessings and much peace, love and success. I can't wait to see what you do next! Much Love Always, Juan XOXO
August 17, 2013 posted by MixMad
Dear Madonna, Be yourself, invite new challenges, recall past triumphs, trust your instincts, have faith in your abilities, desire only the best, affirm your strengths, you've got what it takes. You got the power to make me feel good. I love you. Happy Birthday. Luciano Lima
August 17, 2013 posted by superr
Happy Birthday Madonna, and many more!! Keep banginn'!
August 17, 2013 posted by Anauribec
Still celebrating?
Happy birthday to the woman that has given me the happiest day in my life. I hope you can celebrate many more birthdays ...I need to see you over and over..again!
August 17, 2013 posted by samrod
Eterna vida a la Diosa del POP
Hoy se celebra un año más de logros de triunfos de una mujer que se enfrento a todas las adversidades de la vida. Una mujer que logro ser un ejemplo a seguir en muchos aspectos: shows, música, vida, estilo. Hoy una Diosa asciende al máximo nivel que una artista puede llegar. No existe nadie que se le compare. Madonna es y será la eterna Diosa del Pop. Feliz cumpleaños por siempre, Vida eterna a la Diosa.
August 17, 2013 posted by axeldelcid
Who's Your Maddy .)!
Dear Madonna, Happy Birthday and may God keep on using you to spread a positive message in this world that so badly needs it. You are such an inspiration and you have kept me going on staying positive strong and motivated. you truly are the soundtrack of my life. Your biggest fan .)! Let's fight that rEVOLution.....
August 17, 2013 posted by GustavoSerpa
Lucky Star
May the Lord our God always bless you and your family and favorites!!! Love you and wish see you soon (again). xoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxox
August 17, 2013 posted by CarlosMartinez
To the most famous woman of our time with one name , a true icon MADONNA. The most beloved and disliked artist of our time. But 30 years and still exciting to us true fans. Many imitate and copy but there is only on true artist who has inspired many including myself. Thank you for giving us the gift of music. To pull many us up from our straps and help us navigate thru life with your music. Myself included been a fan since i was 8/9 yrs old when Everybody and your first album was released in 82/83 and im still here 30 yrs later a dedicated fan . You are my inspiration. Happy Birthday
August 17, 2013 posted by goldberg
Love you Madonna! I hope you had an amazing birthday! Almost one year ago I was watching your show in Nice, France, Incredible. Happy 55th! Instagram: @alexandergld :)
August 17, 2013 posted by guitargirl
Happy Birthday Madonna.You are my inspiration and are still my number one. My teen daughters love your music also. Thank you for all the years of fantastic music and entertainment and origionality. Cant wait for MDNA WORLD TOUR CONCERT ON DVD!!!!!!
August 17, 2013 posted by Rman1979
I hope u had 1 amazing birthday Madonna! I have been a fan since u first came out in 1983. When ur "Like a Virgin" album came out, I was hooked & I only became a bigger fan with every album u released. I love your birthday song from MDNA! What an awesome song 2 help celebrate ur birthday & actually for anyone to enjoy their b-day! That song just makes ya feel like getting up & having 1 awesome birthday party! Thanks 4 all the smiles, all ur amazing music that has given my ears so much enjoyment, as much as my feet & body. If I could be 1/4 of the spectacular dancer u r, I'd be happy! LOL Again, Happy B-day 2 the one & only "Queen of Pop!" And thanks for entertaining me & all ur millions of fans over the years! U r the best at what u do!
August 17, 2013 posted by forlik
Happy Birthday To The Queen Of Pop
08/16/13 Happy 55th Birthday MADONNA!! Where has all the time gone? Seems like just yesterday you wanted to rule the world and look at you now!! You are my "SUPERSTAR"!! I wish you many more Happy and Healthy Birthdays. Hope you are basking in all the love and light that your dear fan base is sending your way. WE LOVE YOU TILL DEATH DO US PART!!!
August 17, 2013 posted by PamS
Happy Happy Birthday!
Madonna - You're the best! Keep dancin' and groovin'! You're an inspiration for all of from Gen X!
August 17, 2013 posted by ryoflight3000
Bon anniversaire !!
Happy Birthday Madonna, thanks for being there in every situation, when I am happy, when I am sad and when I want to be proud.
August 17, 2013 posted by mecultra
Happy Birthday Madonna! Have fun celebrating lifemay this one be the best one!! love you!! xxx
August 17, 2013 posted by iconer4u
Oh Happy Day
Celebration is due, May GOD continue to guide, teach and love you, for GOD'S GORGOUS intelligent creation has imprinted her foot prints for millions to follow forever. Thanks for just being you and the true love and inspiration in our lives. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY
August 17, 2013 posted by brnardic
happy birthday madonna.
August 17, 2013 posted by stanchev
Happy Bierthday M!
Wishing you a wonderful and very special one! Thanks for being who you are! xoxox
August 17, 2013 posted by campasimo
Happy b-day my only Queen!!!!
To the Only Queen of pop , that give me satisfactions from 26 years!You give me such a lot of inspirations , you give me smiling while i'm sad , you give me happiness , you give me a lot of good feeling that nobody else can give!You're my everything! Long live the Queen!! Happy birthday from the bottom of my heart! LUV !!! Tanti cari auguri alla sola ed unica Regina!!!Ti voglio un mondo di bene Madonna!!!! From Milano , Italy
August 17, 2013 posted by kikibo
happy 55 th birthday
all the best on this special day , thank you for being the light and guide troughout my life xxx brian
August 17, 2013 posted by stesfo
Buon Compleanno Happy B-day
Thanks to jet lag you're still party your B-day so...Buon compleanno. Stefano, italy
August 17, 2013 posted by bhuvan
Happy Birthday
Wishing you all the love and joy M. No matter where you go, no matter what you do, I'll always love you. Regards Bhuvan Melbourne, Australia
August 17, 2013 posted by kathymasterpiece
M b day
Happy birsthday and the best whishes M! You are the best & nicest person in the world I hope you had a nice b day and hope you will have much more of them!
August 16, 2013 posted by marques1970
Birthday Confessions
Happy Birthday to the Queen! Celebrated with my partner watching Confessions Tour and remembering our very first concert. We love you and wish you continued joy & success!!! LONG LIVE THE QUEEN!!!
August 16, 2013 posted by migandshan
Happy happy
Happy birthday Madonna!! U are an inspiration to your fans from all over the world! Keep spreading Love and promoting peace and equality! We can make a difference and it starts with each one of us! May you have a wonderful birthday!! Holiday!! Celebrate!! 😘
August 16, 2013 posted by sxyspanishstud
Happy B-day Queen M!
I'm so happy that today we celebrate yet another glorious year with you, the single most inspirational, motivational, incredibly talented woman of ALL time. Thank you for ALWAYS being my IDOL!!! Love always, TimAnthony Serrano in NYC
August 16, 2013 posted by poison123
feliz cumpleaños !
Happy Birthday a nuestra Reina! From everybody here in Tijuana,Mexico. Since 1983 our city have allways been supporting Madonna year in and year out. WE Will never stop loving you our Queen! Besos! have fun! DANIEL AGUILAR MARTINEZ.
August 16, 2013 posted by Zeldta
I love you more than any words anywhere in the Universe
August 16, 2013 posted by BiZZLeMaDGiZZLe
Happy Birthday
I am so grateful for you. Almost 30 years, and being a fan never gets old. I am listening to you sing "Je t’aime… Moi non plus" as I type, and my appreciation for the artist you are is as strong as ever... I think Serge Gainsbourg would have been pleased. You have been an integral part of the women I have become. You've taught me lessons about faith, endurance, and tolerance that will last a life time. If you want to build a school, I'll pitch in. If you want to make a film, I'll watch it. If you want to put on a show, I'll buy my ticket. If you want to make an album, I'll get it the day it drops. Yep, I'm down with the Revolution too. Thanks for busting your ass all these years for people like me. Keep it up!! Happy Birthday.
August 16, 2013 posted by cantstop
the Birthday Song
is dedicated to you today! Happy birthday & many more Madonna!
August 16, 2013 posted by Yamz
love you so MuCh
happy birthday madonna you mean everything to Me
August 16, 2013 posted by yur4eio
Happy Birthday!
Madonna is simply a phenomenon. Not just a singer. Not just a dancer. It is one of the most remarkable artists of our time. The one and only Queen of Pop
August 16, 2013 posted by brianw
Happy Birthday M!
Hope you had an amazing birthday. xoxo, B
August 16, 2013 posted by AleQC
Bonne fête / Happy Birthday!!!
I wish you all the best in the world, as you give us always your best!!! I hope you'll have everything you have always dreamed of... Luv U!!!
August 16, 2013 posted by Rodeo
There's Only One Queen
Happy B-Day M-Dolla...WOW, 55 Years Young!!! Wish Ya Many, Many More.¨ L.U.V. YA SO :-)
August 16, 2013 posted by Muttley
Happy Birthday and thanks for all the years of music and fun.
August 16, 2013 posted by andrewsooferian
well happy birthday to Madonna. the greatest female singer of all time.
August 16, 2013 posted by albeeinla
To My Favorite Leo
Happy Birthday!!!!! I hope one day I can actually meet you - love you so much!
August 16, 2013 posted by josephineicon
August 16, 2013 posted by Philip
Growing up not quite being understood wasnt the easiest.. BUT you always made me understand myself.. The one thing I could count on when I got home from being bullied for 9 years as a kid was you to comfort me and give me strength to keep going. As my mother says "I AM A SURVIVOR" and I believe i am because you inspired me to be myself and to be free from the world of hate. I love you beyond words can describe and I could do nothing more but thank you on your special day for being YOU!! TODAY IS YOUR DAY of honoring how much of an impact you have made on so many. KEEP INSPIRING and KEEP THE WORLD ELEVATING TO HIGHER LEVELS OF PEACE!! THE WHOLE WORLD WILL GET IT AT SOME POINT.. AND WE CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL. :)
August 16, 2013 posted by djipra
Happy birthday Madona, my Queen! 30+ years in the game and still rocking!!! thank you so much for everything, love you!!!! much love from Jakarta, Indonesia. We're waiting for you here..! stay Fab!!
August 16, 2013 posted by michaelmills
Madonna! This is too many of your birthdays that we are celebrating apart!!! Next year Portofino again for sure! Tanti Auguri e Buon Compleanno! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! To your best year yet. Have the most special MDNABDY ever! Lots of LUV!
August 16, 2013 posted by mijailmancera
Happy b-day Madonna!
Dear Madonna, there are no words to express the deep love and admiration I feel for you. You are an extraordinary woman, you are much more than a singer, a dancer or an artist, you are a legend. The influence you have made both in music and in the world we live in will live forever. Thank you for making such fun and exciting music, and also deep and meaningful records. Thank you for fighting for what all the others won't even dare to mention; but most of all, thank you for empowering so many people around the world, men, women, gay, straight, it doesn't matter, your incredible story makes us believe we can do anything, we are ready to fight for the revolution of love! For all your accomplishments and for all the others that will come, cheers! Happy birthday my queen!!
August 16, 2013 posted by kvelascoz
From Mexico city
Happy birthday Madonna, that God keep you well for a long time, blessings for you and your family
August 16, 2013 posted by gschilling
Happy Birthday to the greatest
Wishing you the best wishes on your special day. Hoping you take sometime off from your impressive career to enjoy your family and friends on this special occasion, us fans can wait for what you are brewing up next to shed some light on the next thoughts you are thinking about. From one Leo to another, HAPPY BIRTHDAY
August 16, 2013 posted by
Happy B-Day Madonna!
Wishing u a great 55th birthday...I'm the same age too....I have to say u are quite the force, I wonder who would win a swimming contest, (I'm a swimmer)....Always admiring U! Love, Peg San Jose, CA.
August 16, 2013 posted by matty5
Wishing you the best on your special day may you have a perfect birthday and all the best in your 55th year. Thanks for being who you are the SUPERSTAR I love. Wishing you all my best on your birthday filled with all your wishes and many many more to come. Playing B-Day Song for you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADONNA!! LUV YA MADONNA Matty
August 16, 2013 posted by kevinchitobicho
happy birthday
Hi Madonna, i just want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUEEN OF POP, you're the biggest woman in the world, you're amazing. I LOVE YOU <3 SO MUCH you're so important to me, i hope you can read this. you're so important to me. really I LOVE ALL OF YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Muchisimos años más de vida From: Kevin Hernandez (i'm from mexico) LUV
August 16, 2013 posted by RoxyLuvsMadonna
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday and thank you for being just you!!! 55 and amazingly beautiful <3
August 16, 2013 posted by Geneva
Sending you much love
I love you, my Queen, always and forever! May God Bless you and you family always. You are my inspiration and will continue to be till the end of my days. Have the best birthday ever!!
August 16, 2013 posted by iconer93
Happy Birthday from New Jersey
I wish you the very best of health and happiness for your birthday! Your MDNA tour last year was so awesome that I attended over a dozen of the shows! Hopefully we will get to see you again soon! Total love and respect always! H.V. ICON member since 1993
August 16, 2013 posted by beautifulstranger
birthday wish...
L-U-V Madonna!!!! giving you all my LUV on your special day. All hail the Queen!!!
August 16, 2013 posted by beautifulstranger
birthday wish...
Happy Birthday, Madonna, and much love from south Texas. Thank you for being such an inspiration to us all. Love your hard work and looking forward to your next project. Had an amazing time seeing you on MDNA Tour in NYC (Yankee Stadium, in the rain Sept. 8, 2012) and both nights in Houston (Oct. 24 & 25, 2012...touched your right hand when I was down in the Golden Triangle) ...you're the BEST!
August 16, 2013 posted by scott58
Happy 55th
Happy 55th Birthday Madonna! I'm your biggest fan it's true, hopelessly devoted to you! Thanks for the 30 years of music like no one else can do, you rock my world. Thanks for the wink at your MDNA show on Nov. 1st 2012 in St. Louis I was in first row. The MDNA show is the best concert I've ever seen. I love you forever! Scott Witherell Chicago,IL
August 16, 2013 posted by geo322
happy birthday!!!
Diva: Happy birthday,I wish you the best on your day, enjoy with family and friends, thank youfor making your fans part of your family too, you inspire so many people in this crazy world we are living today, i am proud to be your fan from Miami, Florida,I will never regret it, keep doing what you do best for us: MUSIC you are our superstar as singer and human being too happy 55th diva gino
August 16, 2013 posted by renatolap
Happy birthay Queen!!!
i adore you , love you since 1983!!! im you fan forever! i wish for you happyness, sucess and much love!!! kiss in your heart!!! and please take your nest tour for Rio de Janeiro/Brazil!!
August 16, 2013 posted by betoss06
Happy Birthday Queen !
How not give thanks God for this day he gave us the most precious gift we have. Happy Birthday ! and many blessings to you.
August 16, 2013 posted by dubbreak
*** Thank You & Happy Birthday! ***
First you inspired us to dance, and changed fashion. Then you challenged ideas about feminism & sexuality. You shined a light on equality & civil rights. Now, simply by being exactly who you want to be, you are altering our definition of 'age appropriate'. All along you have spoken out against racism, sexism, homophobia and censorship. Your creativity and talents, combined with the influences you have incorporated into your own work have inspired many of us to learn more about art, fashion, music, and history than we might ever have imagined. It's rare for a pop star to grow into a true artist, for a so-called flash in the pan to carve out decades of a record breaking career, for a sex symbol & style icon to encourage us to actually think, but you do it all so well. Keep on keepin' on. Happy Birthday Madonna!
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