X - STaTIC PRO=CeSS - Steven Klein Interview

November 06, 2004
In celebration of the Steven Klein/Madonna X - STaTIC PRO=CeSS exhibition that opened today at the Camerawork gallery in Berlin, numerous articles about Steven Klein's work with Madonna have been featured in German newspapers.

 Yesterday's edition of Berlin newspaper the Berliner Morgenpost featured a short interview with Steven Klein about how he works with Madonna, and how she brought her lucky pantyhose along for the photoshoot!

 We'd like to talk about the elections in the USA.  

 How would you photograph Laura Bush?  
 Just because she is Mrs Bush doesn't mean she is interesting to me as a photographer.

 In the Madonna photos there is a perfect hole in her pantyhose. Did you do that?  
 The evening before the photo shoot we went through everything on the set and then she said that she would like to bring her lucky pantyhose. She had worn it many times. The hole was already in it and I'm very happy with it.

 How were the first five minutes with Madonna?  
 She is very shy and very quiet. And I was incredibly nervous. Usually, when I meet models or movie stars to take their photos I always think, oh they look like regular people after all. But with Madonna it's different, she has an incredibly intense aura and she really is an extremely beautiful woman.

 Your photos of movie stars and models do not necessarily portray classical beauty. What is your definition of beauty?  
 A structured face or body shape. But also a power that lies beneath.

 What did Madonna do with your photos?  
 She put some of them on her wall at home. In the living room.

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